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For 2016 the word, “INSPIRE” raised its hand, jumped up and down vigorously asking to be selected.
INSPIRATION #1 Women in business: I have a friend Cori who started a business from a deep passion to help make triathlons accessible to anyone who wanted to participate.
INSPIRATION #2 Mastery: I remember in collage I was part of a tree-planting team that went into the bush in the summer for weeks at a time to plant trees. INSPIRATION #4 Risk Takers: I have a great appreciation for those that will stand on the proverbial cliff and say, “Let’s do this thing!” as they step off into the unknown.
INSPIRATION #5 Travel: I love traveling is because there is something about standing in front of a structure that is thousands of years old that makes you realize what is possible. INSPIRATION #6 Cool Under Pressure: I remember standing in a line up to check into a hotel in Mexico. INSPIRATION #7 Humility: Do you remember the Olympics where a Japanese gymnast tripped on a buckled mat at the end of his routine? INSPIRATION #9 Kindness: My mother is 80 and lives in a condo building full of nameless, faceless people that come and go. INSPIRATION #10 Encouragement: When I come across an encourager of people I am always inspired. INSPIRATION #11 Peer Support: Since becoming a full-time blogger I have been exposed to a plethora of fabulous, savvy, forward thinking people who I adore and admire.
INSPIRATION #12 Coaches: I have a brother in law who coaches tennis at a local high school. INSPIRATION #16 Volunteers: In times of need people, a special sort of selfless people, drop their own lives and go.
INSPIRATION #17 First Responders: As a chiropractor, I have had the pleasure of working on many law enforcement officers and firefighters. INSPIRATION #19 Mentors: People who are willing to share their time and expertise with those coming up behind them should have an applause app they can press whenever they feel like it!
INSPIRATION #20 Competition: Since starting my blog a year ago I have come in contact with many women who have similar health and fitness focused blogs and are way ahead of where I am. INSPIRATION #21 “BALLS”: I adore it when someone engages in endeavors that everyone else assumes they will not be able to do. INSPIRATION #22 A Good Speaker: I love listening to someone who is a prolific speaker, confident in the message they are delivering.
INSPIRATION #23 Intelligence –Of course there are lots of people out there who have large craniums they utilize regularly. INSPIRATION #25 PEACE: I remember in my undergrad days I had a friend Heather (not to be confused with me, Heather).
Heather Denniston DC CCWPHeather Denniston is a seasoned chiropractor with specializations in pediatrics, pregnancy and a certification in wellness chiropractic (CCWP). I think INSPIRE is going deeply impact me this year both as a receiver and an administrator of inspiration. I thought these points of inspiration might get us all into the spirit and set the tone for a “mental goodspace” start to the New Year. She single-mindedly went after a boutique coaching approach and built a thriving business on values that she stood for.
Many humans before me have accomplished wondrous, unbelievable feats of architecture, design, and art, why can’t I? A woman from New York and her partner were unleashing wrath on the front desk woman for a room mix-up.
I don’t remember the details exactly but I recall being riveted to the screen as he left the floor. A person who has the sensitivity to know when someone needs building up, who is in tune and naturally inclines toward highlighting strengths over weakness.

This is my inner group of health and fitness bloggers who are passionate, ambitious, motivated and convicted in their purpose. When the tragic floods happened in Washington two years ago I had a patient who went the moment the Red Cross would let her.
They spend countless hours helping others get ahead by allowing their mentees to attach to the coattails of their own experience. I am not biased at all but this person is one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I find any story where our hero bears incredible odds only to rise from the ashes and prevail. She is an avid athlete, health enthusiast and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to ignite first steps toward realizing their greatness within.
I posted these one at a time on social network over the holidays but i received requests to view them all in one place. Women are still the underdog when it comes to owning businesses so I am always giddy when I see a woman kicking butt at her jam.
The level of selfless commitment it takes just to give another human everything they need to survive into adulthood is awesome.
I remember standing at the top of the entrance to Machu Pichu in Peru thinking, “wow, anything really is possible.” That is inspiring. I found myself wondering, had she taken a different, cooler approach would she have gotten closer to what she had hoped for? The mat he tripped over had not been laid correctly and it was hands down the fault of the event coordinators who had prepared this particular event. But the good ones, the really good ones, leave a mark on you for life This one I know is stamping her mark on hearts all over.
Lynda is a retired nurse who lives right below my mother and is the most generous person I may have encountered. I know when these love arrows are shot at me it makes me feel like I can keep going, that I can take on that new challenge and that someone is in my corner. I listen, riveted, and am touched by the balanced combination of sensitivity and professionalism she exudes.
Your senses become dialed in and you take in everything with acuity of a wolf – The scent of hibiscus from the flower in her hair, the detail of every speck and glitter in your daughter’s eyes, dust particles in the air as the sun stripes through them.
Their willingness to give secrets of success away, just because they love to see someone else aspire to their greatest potential, is beautiful.
After I get over being frustrated and pouty about it, I pull up my bootstraps and say, “if they can do it, so can I”.
But what is inspiring to me is when I meet a mere mortal who wows with their natural smarts. No boyfriend, no chance of one on the horizon so to heck with it, I was rebelling and with good cause.
I would love to see one written statement shared below about your impact goal for the New Year. Through online content, public speaking and coaching, Heather shares wellness, fitness, and nutrition expertise for those looking for deeper change. She meets you with a smile- she devotes her life to eating well- she devotes her life to learning everyday- she devotes herself to pushing herself athletically everyday. But to give a human the support they need to reach and stretch for excellence in a particular field is staggering. I remember the American commentators were stunned the Japanese did not fight the issue and ask for a redo. She has taken my mother under her wing and attends every doctor’s appointment, shopping excursion and grocery shop.

I am not sure anyone outside her industry can possibly imagine what hospital workers come across on every shift.
She was dispatched to sift through garbage bags filled with personal affects found in the water. I love these heroes because they are family-centered folks who don’t think twice about putting themselves in danger for complete strangers. Amy Purdy, the double amputee who snowboards, dances, and mountain bikes, is the best example I have of a person living out loud regardless of what anyone else says. I love walking away from these folks having learned something from every single brainy conversation. A story of a character we champion solely because the likelihood of them succeeding is minuscule.
I came across Heather in the center of campus and she literally had a halo of flowers on her head. Observing someone maneuver through a difficult situation with elegance and grace stops me in my tracks.
But, no, once he picked himself up off the floor he bowed and took his place by his teammates.
There are thousands of coaches all over the world delivering this same impact to young people. I have several friends and family members who hold various posts within the hospital and all of their efforts are nothing short of a miracle. You probably have unassuming people in your life who impress you with their cranial prowess. The story of Rudy Ruetigger, and his tiny body being no barrier for his great big ambition to play professional football is such a story. Her love of challenging her mind and body everyday should do nothing short of inspiring each and every one of us. The word WONDER didn’t quite fit me all year and then I realized “WONDER” likely should have been “WANDER” considering the travel schedule I have had! Never for a moment did he look to blame anyone for the issue that was so clearly not his own.
It is stunning to me that someone would give of his or her precious time resources in this way. She painstakingly attempted to restore these memories for the families who had lost everything else.
Thank you Happy Wife Style for propelling me forward on my journey just because you are so ridiculously fabulous. If you have not seen this movie, do so tonight, with your kids and anyone else who needs inspiring. He humbly trusted everyone one else in the room to do the right thing and accepted their decision. Inspiring volunteers are not just the front line workers who make it into the media; they are also the ones in the back of the makeshift office, sitting on a crate, sorting through someone else’s photos. I get to share with all my friends and family how much I love them.” As she spoke it was my first demonstrative example of inner peace exuding from someone. What is it about a bunch of colors mixed together in the sky that make possibilities feel huge and troubles feel small?
Sitting on a rock, warmed from the day’s heat, watching the sunset dip across a giant blue sky makes me feel like I can do anything!

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