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I don’t know if you can tell, but my belly has sleep lines on it in this picture, as it was taken immediately after a nap. According to Your Pregnancy Week by Week, Baby Bean is about a pound and around 8 inches long.
It’s clear that there are still hormonal changes going on as I experience a full spectrum of emotions.
I just love listening to your descriptions and all the love you have for that growing baby!

I have a Boppy body pillow, but it is from when I was pregnant with Meghan and is strangely all lumpy and uncomfortable now. I know, seriously weird comment from a stranger bit during my pregnancy I gained extra weight and it all went to my legs so wearing shorts was not gonna happen! I am still really curious to know about how your kid is doing and I really like that you have always written from your heart. I love how honest you are in your posts with how you’re feeling and how the belly gets in the way.

It’s crazy that the baby is only 1 lb but it makes your belly so big – amazing how life develops!

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