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Many first time mothers, when they find out they have conceived, dream of giving birth to a fully grown child. First-time moms rarely know much about the childbirth experience and often feel apprehensive. A woman’s feelings about her body may either improve or deteriorate during pregnancy. Researchers who have studied pregnant women’s dreams observe numerous references to buildings, from simple rooms to soaring skyscrapers.
From goldfish bowls to swelling oceans, a pregnant woman’s dreams refer to water throughout her pregnancy.
Due to the emotional and hormonal changes of a mother to be during the first of her pregnancy it is not uncommon for her to have intimate dreams of her spouse, ex boyfriends, or even celebrities.
Being that we already seem to be sharing factors regarding Dreams During Pregnancy Part 2 (First Trimester), The care a parent offers for their child that’s consciously intended to be beneficial can help us define great parenting.
Mustika Pearls Healing Crystals Stones Fossils Minerals Fossils - Spiritual mystical objects retrieved directly from Nature! Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. The first trimester is the time when the initial and most important part of your baby’s development takes place [1].
It is counted from the first day of your last menstrual cycle, continuing to the 12th or 13th week of pregnancy, about the first three months [2, 3]. Following the ovulation and fertilization, the egg travels through the fallopian tube, while dividing into multiple identical cells to finally form the blastocyst that attaches itself to the uterine wall (implantation), where it undergoes further development to grow into the embryo, fetus and finally into a healthy baby [4, 5]. The symptoms of nausea, vomiting (morning sickness), increased urination, extreme tiredness and fatigue, along with breast tenderness are the first signs to indicate a pregnancy [6].
As your pregnancy advances, you may start getting the other common signs of mood swing, headache, cramps, constipation, indigestion, bloating, food cravings or aversions [8] and an incredibly strong sense of smell that often contributes to worsening the nausea [9]. In some cases, women may experience diarrhea instead of constipation.
It is advisable to contact your physician in case you have any of the alarming signs such as severe lower back pain, bleeding, passing blood clots and extreme nausea as these might indicate a miscarriage [11].
Gaining weight is not a serious concern yet, as your baby is just as big as a peach by the end of the first trimester [21].

Once you get that positive home pregnancy test, it is normal for you and your partner to be too excited to keep the news to yourselves.
Call your family physician or obstetrician for your first prenatal visit, as soon as you find out about the pregnancy. The fundamental development of your baby’s nervous system occurs in the first trimester [5]. Practice some relaxation techniques and follow a regular exercise routine (after consulting your physician) to reduce the chances of certain late pregnancy symptoms, while preparing your body for labor and childbirth [20]. Although flying during the first trimester is usually considered safe, it is recommended to consult your doctor once before making travel plans, especially in case of a high risk pregnancy [22]. The dreams will help her look at her connection to her mother and father, and how the attitude and patterns she established early on in her life influence her current ideas concerning mothering and babyhood. These dreams help the mother to be to look at her old patterns and let go of unfinished business with ex-lovers. Perhaps this may seems less threatening than a fragile newborn to the inexperienced mother.
The combination of the hope for an easy delivery and the incomplete understanding of the actual childbirth process leads to dreams of the baby just popping out or simply just appearing. For instance if you dream about a spare tire or of floating in an inter-tube, it was obvious that this symbolizes your expanding midsection. Although, it is pretty normal for half of the trimester to pass by before the mother realizes she is carrying, especially in case of an unplanned pregnancy. Many women start experiencing these symptoms even before a missed period or a positive home pregnancy test [7].
Although it is quite normal, consider calling your doctor if the diarrhea refuses to go away even after 3-4 days. The increasing estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are responsible for most of these symptoms, including the mood swings and emotional breakdowns [10].
The ideal weight gain during these three months is only around 3-4 pounds [8], so continue following a balanced, nutritious diet instead of starting to eat for two. But, it is usually a good idea to wait for the first trimester to be over before you can break it to your family and friends. So, many women prefer to keep the news a secret before they can be sure of their baby’s well-being, to avoid the sad and awkward situation where they would need to explain to everyone that they have lost their pregnancy.

The first check-up is not usually scheduled before the 8th week of pregnancy, unless there is a risk of complications, such as a history of failed pregnancy or a family history of some genetic disorder [17]. So, make sure to take your prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements as well as avoid alcohol, caffeine and any drugs [2]. These dreams are also a way for the unconscious to help the mother to be say good bye to her days as a maiden. Alternately dreaming that you are driving a vehicle is frequently a metaphor for the way the dreamer is moving through life during their pregnancy; rather awkward and clumsy.
Maybe pregnant women dream about buildings because they are hypersensitive to their growing size Indeed, the type of building pictured in the woman’s dreams may increase in size as her pregnancy progresses.
When animals appear in first-trimester dreams, they are often aquatic creatures such as tadpoles or fish. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, around 10% to 25% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage [12], while 75% to 80% of all miscarriages occur within the first three months [13, 14].
The visit involves checking on the growing embryo for any abnormalities as well as calculating your due date and examining your medical history [18]. The usual themes during this time are dreams of vulnerability, often symbolized through nakedness, and dreams with a protective and territorial quality. Pregnant women frequently see their selves driving trucks, buses, or other vehicles that are more difficult to maneuver than cars, this is reflecting their perception of awkward movement.
This water in her dreams probably depicts a consciousness of the water gathering in her womb. Water is a very common theme during the initial stages of pregnancy as well as erotic sexual dreams.

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