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Some women would get anxious and worried if they are missing any signals or movements inside.
Bug tells me all of the time that he loves the baby and he talks about the old baby toys we have around the house going to the new baby when he or she gets here. The leg bones and more particularly the thigh bone gets stronger first than any other bone. The growth rate may get reduced when compared with the earlier weeks but now the baby will learn to make new movements like bending and stretching his arms and limbs. You have to discuss with your doctor in case you are taking any other drug so that she may prescribe some alternative that does not harm your baby.
I’m not too sure she really understands there is a baby in my belly, but she still loves to hug and kiss my belly. I won’t be decorating a nursery this time, but I can still buy a few things here and there. I totally agree that we so easily forget the trials of pregnancy, birth, and even the baby stage because the reward is so worth all of it.

Plenty of resources are available online for guiding you with the right set of health and nutritious diet during pregnancy. In case your baby is a girl then it is time for the development of uterus and fallopian tubes which would move to right positions.
Fetal movements are not really expected until the baby has completed 23 weeks and hence be relaxed and happy if you are getting occasional signals from your baby.
Know about the foodstuffs that are good for you and your baby that will also help in reducing constipation and heartburn. We will possibly move once this lease is up and hopefully we can get one child in their own room and then the two that are the same sex will share a room. When I was going through constant morning sickness and exhaustion I thought to myself there is no way I can do this again.
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You are showing very much at this stage of 18th week during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Do not bother about the stretch marks on your belly since it will subside after delivery and get unnoticed.
I have a difficult time with traditional birth control and typically follow the natural family planning method for avoiding pregnancy. By now you have got used to heartburn and indigestion problems and learnt what to eat and when to eat. If any of the symptoms are bothering you dona€™t hesitate to talk to your doctor during next visit.

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