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Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well and I can't stress enough how helpful the DreamGenii pillow has gotten! Best moment this week: My doctor's appointment -- we got to hear Pancoga's heartbeat!!
If this is your first pregnancy and your anxiety levels are high because you are waiting for movements or signals from your baby, try to relax. I also learned this week that the nausea will still rear its ugly head if I don’t eat often enough.
She described how she exercised all 3 trimesters, and lost the 25 pounds she gained in pregnancy immediately after giving birth. Tuesday:  Walked for 30 minutes, followed by 3 sets of 15 reverse lunges and 3 sets of 15 squats. Wednesday:  Planned to do an indoor workout of some kind after putting Meghan to bed, but had a terrible headache. My goal is to take these negative feelings and turn them into motivation to do better next week. I definitely think it was because I exercised throughout my pregnancy, but the breastfeeding helped too! There are a lot of pregnant bloggers right now, and they are quickly realizing that their bodies are different than they were before pregnancy.
I’m 16 weeks pregnant (so fun following along with you!) and am determined not to gain as much weight this time. May 7, 2015 By Sweet Miles 24 Comments We are actually 16.5 weeks now, but who’s counting?
My first round of maternity clothes were purchased, and I ordered just a few basic tee’s and tanks from old navy, a pair of jeans (still need to try them on!), and a pair of denim shorts from Target.
If you are one of the 948573 bloggers that are also currently pregnant, how’s it going?! Surprisingly, I haven’t felt nearly as hungry the past few weeks as I was in the beginning.
My friend Sam sent me the most AMAZING gift ever -- a maternity sports bra from Motherhood. Not just walking (although I did a lot of that, too), but lifted heavy weights, ran fast, and pushed myself – I never consulted my doctor about it, because I didn’t think she knew what my body was capable of like I did.
I will admit that I LOVE to exercise so I continued to do so through both my pregnancies right up until the end. The competitive person in me (I’m not even pregnant!) compared myself when I read that post. Who else would come out of a stinky outhouse after just yakking up their breakfast, looking so composed, calm and SMILING?
Or at least try not to ?? The main things is you are doing something, which you are and you can only listen to what your body tells you. I worked out everyday too with my first daughter, but I am worried that won’t be the case with my next one.
You look like you are in excellent shape, you are always mindful about what you eat, you lost the pregnancy weight from being pregnant with Meghan and you are going to lose the weight this time around too (because you want to and because you will make it happen). Oh my goodness – if I could only look like you when I am pregnant I will be overjoyed!

I still get a little nauseous if my stomach gets empty or close to empty, so I’m trying to keep food around at all times! Craving mexican food, pizza, and all the carbs, and still not wanting anything to do with vegetables, specifically anything green. It’s a start, and a lot of my normal clothes are still fitting for the most part, with the help of a Belly Band my sister in law mailed me! I wore a maternity tshirt this weekend for the first time and even though I’m sure it looked fine, I still wondered if I was big enough to really warrant it yet??
I actually just told Adam last night that it feels very odd to watch myself get bigger and bigger week by week!
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Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Take a look at our Nutrition and Pregnancy article to help you break down the five food groups and learn what foods can benefit your baby — and which ones can be harmful. You’ll find that your baby starts to kick and react to loud sounds as the part of the brain that sends and receives nerve signals develops. By strict definition, fetal movement is not expected until 23 weeks, but many women feel it sooner.
But honestly, you are extremely healthy and even active when it is THIS hot— you should give yourself a pat on the back. The first 3 months I felt so ill and tired that it was really difficult to do any type of exercise besides long walks.
I also think that once you feel ready (less heat, less nausea) you will start exercising and reach a level that you will be comfortable being at. I can tell my energy is coming back little by little as well, since things have been easier in the afternoons at work and I’ve been taking much longer walks at night. It’s such a weird feeling too, like I can tell there’s more than just organs in there now!
It’s like that in my real life too- my boss and at least five friends are currently pregnant! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
The most important thing right now is your baby, and everything you put into your mouth affects your baby’s development.
Some women have gained up to thirteen pounds by the eighteenth week, but every mom-to-be is different. At 5 ? inches long and weighing 5.25 ounces, your baby’s growth slows during this week, and will remain slow for several weeks to come.
As the following weeks come and go, you will start to feel little kicks and turns as your baby becomes bigger and more active. Next is pregnancy at 19 weeks.
After the illness passed and my energy level rose I focused on weight-training to prepare myself for giving birth.
Just remember that every pregnancy is different and you are doing what’s right for you! Even though I’m hungry all the time, my stomach still will only let me eat small portions at a time, otherwise it just makes me feel sick.

I actually was just looking back at my 15-week picture and cracking up at how big I thought I was then! If you’ve gained more or less, talk with your doctor to make sure you are on a healthy track.
The baby is moving around, doing things such as crossing their legs, bending their limbs and joints, and doing somersaults. As soon as i had my baby i lost almost all the weight i had gained and actually the hard thing for me was gaining weight since i dropped to around 106 lbs and for over a year couldnt gain more.
We took a long walk Tuesday night, and a short and sweet walk last night, just to move around a little bit.
I’m currently loving iced tea as well, but not sweet tea, which is a total reversal for me. Even at work, two weeks after I announced mine, another person had been keeping a little secret too!
We’re 17 weeks now, and I do think week 16 was a turning point, as far as like, intensity and the puky feeling goes. You may notice increasingly frequent trips to the restroom, so you may want to make it a habit to use the restroom before you lie down or get comfortable. If you’re having a girl, during this week her uterus and fallopian tubes will form and move into the correct positions. Due to restless legs I had to go for long walks (an hour or so) in the evening before going to bed, otherwise I just couldn’t keep my legs still. Tuesday night, Truckee only made it 1.8 miles before I dropped her off at the house and got her (and I) some water. I think I’m big now (at 26 weeks), and I can only imagine how much bigger I’ll get! I think those two occasions were because I let my stomach get to empty those two mornings on the way into work. Some women may experience a dizzy or light-headed feeling during this stage in their pregnancy. I imagine once I pass the 20 week mark and baby REALLY starts growing, my appetite will come back full force! I am also on the hunt for maternity shirts, but I feel like none are perfect for right now?
The shirts I wore pre-pregnancy that were too big are now almost too small and it’s totally freaking me out. You can minimize this dizziness by changing positions while standing or sitting, and by not moving too quickly.
It was SO hot, and combined with our hilly neighborhood, I was actually pretty tired when I got in! Stretch marks may become more prominent as your belly stretches, and itching may increase if rashes form. Indigestion, constipation, and heartburn are also problems some expectant mothers face during this stage of the pregnancy.

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