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Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. 16 weeks pregnant - pregnancy week--week - bump, 16 weeks pregnant - get information on fetal growth and development, baby's size and common symptoms when you're 16 weeks pregnant. Fetal development - 16 weeks pregnant - babycentre, How baby growing: complete guide development fetus 16 weeks. 17 weeks pregnant baby bump - sweet tooth sweet life, 17 weeks pregnant - ' ' happening week baby bump picture updates!. 16 weeks pregnant - babycentre, 16 weeks pregnant: ' baby' growing health pregnancy. September 30, 2015 by Kristen 39 Comments When I first got pregnant one of my main concerns was how my body would change and transform over the months ahead. One thing that I was not prepared for and did not give much thought to when I was pregnant was how my body would reshape itself and appear in the weeks following pregnancy. At lot of my weight loss occurred in the first two weeks immediately following delivery and has now stabilized. I was surprised when the nurse told me I would need to consume an additional 500 calories per day to offset the calories I would burn to make breast milk.
For now, my recovery is all about balance and learning to live flexibly around Axel’s schedule (or lack thereof). September 11, 2015 by Kristen 51 Comments A week has passed since giving birth to my baby boy. At 2am I got out of bed as I do every night to go to the bathroom and noticed a warm fluid leaking down my leg and onto the floor.
My first thought when getting to the hospital was whether my doctor was on call and whether he would be there for the delivery.
Before they officially admitted us into the Family Birthing Center, we were taken to an exam room where they checked my contractions and made sure that my water bag had in fact broke, two signs that I was in active labor.
After getting admitted and settled into the room just before 4am, Justin and I called our family and let them know what was going on.
My contractions remained consistent and I relaxed throughout the morning, visiting with family and friends. During the morning hours, I also had a chance to get some work done and submit final grades.
By 1pm I still wasn’t feeling much pain, probably a 2 on a scale of 1-10, and that was only during my contractions.
My nurse, Shanon, was absolutely amazing (as were all of the nurses we worked with during our stay) and stood by me the entire time, walking me through the contractions and reminding me that my baby was getting closer and closer to making his arrival. For the next two hours my contractions grew stronger and more intense, to the point where I completely entered a zone and had no idea what was going on around me. Around this time, Justin’s mom and sister arrived in the room following their 7-hour drive. With one eye on the clock, I announced much to the amusement of everyone in the room that I had to have the baby before my doctor had to be in surgery.
With the first push there was a learning curve and I was told to put all of my energy into pushing instead of yelling and making a lot of noise (which I had been doing). For the next hour I laid there in awe of my baby boy, kissing his head, talking to him, and looking at Justin in amazement.
After an hour of skin-to-skin, the nurses took Axel to be cleaned and weighed for the first time.
Justin and I spent two nights in the hospital, loving on our little boy, recovering from the labor, and learning all that we could from the nurses. September 7, 2015 by Kristen 76 Comments On Friday afternoon, at 3:43pm, Justin and I welcomed our beautiful son, Axel Joseph Yax, into the world. The past few days have been surreal getting to know our little boy and adjusting to life as a family of three. After two nights and three days in the hospital, Justin, Axel, and I are finally home and settled.
August 28, 2015 by Kristen 36 Comments There’s not much news on the pregnancy front this week, and certainly no BIG news like we are hoping for any day now. Baby is now the size of: A winter melon (whatever that is… anyone?) weighing in at around 7 pounds and measuring around 19 to 20 inches. Sleep: I can’t even look at my side of the bed these days without getting major anxiety about sleep. One thing that has put a real damper on outdoor activity is the amount of smoke in the air. Best moments this week: We had some great news at our doctor appointment on Wednesday and learned that I am 2cm dilated and 75% effaced.
Worst moments this week: This week the emotions, stress, and uncertainty hit me like a pile of bricks. August 26, 2015 by Kristen 14 Comments Editor’s note: Justin started writing this post several weeks ago, but didn’t get a chance to finish it before some pressing work obligations got in the way and derailed its timing. As I write this, Kristen is at home where she just finished watching some YouTube videos of the childbirth process. What they sacrifice, and what they endure over 40 weeks of pregnancy, labor, and delivery – physically, mentally, and emotionally – is exactly why I think pregnancy is harder than [INSERT ANYTHING HERE]. Recently, Kristen’s discomfort has shifted from occasional to constant, and even sleeping has become a chore. Since she is a typically a back sleeper and now can only sleep on her side, watching her shift sides in the middle of the night looks like some kind of carefully orchestrated but incredibly difficult mattress dance. When I think of all the discomfort, restless sleep, emotions, and pain that Kristen has had to endure and will continue to endure over the coming weeks, I also try to think about the gift of pregnancy and childbirth.
As for the bond that she and our son have already formed, I can’t help but be a little jealous. My time will come, and I know that eventually he and I will bond in ways that only a father and a son can. What it does do is make me love, appreciate, respect, and admire her more than ever before.
August 24, 2015 by Kristen 23 Comments A few weeks ago my husband and I met up with our photographer friend Elena, and journeyed up the Cascade Lakes Highway and out into the Cascade Mountains for a maternity photo shoot. Elena is an outdoor enthusiast (check out her Instagram) and captures some of the most incredible pictures of her travels and adventures outside.
I thought I would share some of our favorite photos on the blog, as these will forever be a part of our journey to three in 2015!
August 21, 2015 by Kristen 24 Comments We are officially in pregnancy “taper” mode, knowing the race to the hospital could happen any day now. Baby is now the size of: After a visit with my doctor on Wednesday, he says I am measuring 37 weeks and the baby is now almost 7 pounds! The first three miles were fine with the exception of a short stretch of serious bushwhacking, but once we crossed the river to loop back around my body really started to feel achy and fatigued.
We did a little sightseeing around the river, went to the fish hatchery, and walked around a little more before heading back to Bend. On Sunday, Justin and I went to the pool and I was able to swim 1600yrds before calling it a day.
I’m still trying to do a combination of walking and hiking a few times a week and will likely spend more time in the pool since it’s currently the only thing that feels really good on my body.
At the beginning of the week I had some trouble sleeping at night, so I dug my old full-body pregnancy pillow from storage.

It may sound a little self-centered, but I had worked hard to get my body to a place athletically that made me feel strong and confident.
Out of curiosity the other day, and a desire to have more than two or three go-to comfy outfits, I tried on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, including jeans, tops, and active wear.
I’m not pregnant, I’m not able to exercise (yet!) aside from all of the walking I am doing, and I’m not anywhere near my pre-pregnancy size.
I am starting to feel normal again, minus the sleep deprivation and general fatigue that comes with caring for a newborn, and am adjusting to my new body and routine.
I did not expect this at all and was amazed by the body’s natural ability to convert back to its original form. Axel Joseph Yax was born almost two weeks before my due date, on Friday, September 4 at 3:43pm. Half asleep and a little in shock, I calmly yelled to my husband from the bathroom, “babe, either I just peed everywhere or my water broke.” He came in with a towel and we assessed the situation.
I changed into a hospital gown, was hooked up to the monitor, and sure enough my contractions, though still small, were coming on every 3 to 5 minutes. Justin’s mom and sister hopped into the car to make the 7-hour drive from Seattle, and my mom and step-dad, Billy, who live in Bend, let us know that they would be there shortly.
My friend Nicole stopped by with flowers and a stuffed giraffe and kept me company for a while before heading to work. I still wasn’t experiencing any pain and was wondering if there was something wrong with me. Justin was also there holding my hand, kissing my face, and encouraging me as only he could. It was such a morale boost to see them and to know that seeing the birth of their nephew and grandson was so important that they were willing to hop in the car at a moment’s notice in order to do so. Murphy re-entered the room, having just delivered another baby directly across the hall from me, and told me it was time to push.
Murphy got really serious and you could tell there was a change in the atmosphere in the room. Murphy waited a minute before clamping the cord, to ensure that Axel would receive those last nutrients and oxygen levels provided by the placenta.
As first time parents and having no experience with newborns, we were like sponges soaking it all up. My heart is overflowing with joy as I stare at the little miracle that Justin and I created, and adjust to my new role as mom. We’ve had a lot of support from family and friends, which has made the transition go smoothly. We have come to a stalemate and now it’s just a big waiting game for the next couple weeks. It is very uncomfortable and I wake up having contractions and cramping sensations all through the night.
I knew my doctor had the weekend off and wouldn’t be on call, so I didn’t want to do anything strenuous that would risk me going into labor. However, after Justin made the comment “what if your water breaks in the pool,” I wasn’t so sure about swimming.
I’m trying to stay positive and just enjoy the downtime, but to be honest I’ve reached a state of boredom. I have a feeling that once the baby is here I am going to be living in loungewear for a while. And not the Facebook-friendly, “here’s a cute video of me having a baby” variety, but the medical school, close-up, every-detail-you-could-ever-imagine variety. Pregnancy, and watching a mother and child grow and change and bond before the baby is even born, is amazing. I tag along to the doctors appointments, hold Kristen’s hand during blood draws, clean the cat litter box, look for nursery ideas on Pinterest, give a few (though not as many as I should) foot and back rubs, make sure baby and mama both eat well, and am pretty much a bystander as Kristen is poked, prodded, and generally uncomfortable 24 hours a day. Two reasons mainly: 1) I can’t do much to ease Kristen’s discomfort (and I hate seeing her uncomfortable), and 2) I am jealous of the bond she and the baby have naturally created already (though I know I will have PLENTY of opportunity once he arrives). In addition to frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night, her side of the bed now looks like something from The Princess and the Pea, with an extra comforter underneath her for padding, 5-6 pillows all around her, and the now infamous Snoogle curled up behind her in what was once my favorite space. I relate it to trying to turn around a cruise ship in port, though that’s probably not the most flattering reference I can (or should) come up with.
Many women will never have the opportunity to experience this miracle – whether by choice or for other reasons – and for that I think we both feel blessed. But until that time comes, and it will come any day now, I am somewhat of an outsider playing a supporting role in a performance in which Kristen and our son are the stars. With our shared loved for the mountains and all of the time we have spent outside this summer, Justin and I knew we wanted our maternity photos to capture the surroundings that feel like home. After seeing her work at Golden Trail Photography and through various media outlets, I knew that she would be the perfect person to capture these special moments.
I have officially surpassed the “recommended” weight gain for a healthy pregnancy and still have a couple weeks to go.
I am trying to do walks and hikes a little closer to home these days, so Justin and I went out to the Metolius River on Saturday and did a 6 mile hike along the river.
I was secretly hoping that being in the cooler water would reduce some of the swelling in my ring finger, but no luck.
To give that up and not have any control for an entire year was difficult for me to embrace. Maternity clothes are too big or just look awkward, and my pre-pregnancy clothes are super tight.
While I did not get any stretch marks during pregnancy (I used Mambino Belly Butter twice a day – and am still using it to keep my belly moist), my tummy definitely softened and I now have a lot of loose skin. I always work better with a deadline, and knowing that I had until 5pm before my doctor would be taking a few days off was all the motivation I needed. It became a waiting game, but I’m not very good at waiting and was on a mission to meet my 5pm deadline.
Another friend, Skip, works at the hospital and stopped by to give me a ‘good luck’ hug and wish Justin the best as my number one supporter.
At least I wasn’t in much pain and had enough time in the morning to wrap up grades and respond to a handful of emails that were waiting in my inbox. Murphy, came by my room for the first time to see how I was doing and to check on my progress.
Without warning, he did a cervical membrane sweep, which was incredibly painful, and let me know that things should be moving along quickly now and that I should be delivering before his surgery. The breathing techniques I had learned through childbirth classes were really starting to pay off – there were sounds coming out of me that I didn’t know I had the ability to make.
I experienced pain like no other and battled my way through each 1-2 minute surge of agony. He also assured me that this would relieve some of the pain of the contractions because I would be pushing my way through the pain. Once the cord was clamped, Justin cut the umbilical cord and they brought Axel to my chest for some skin-to-skin bonding. During my third round of pushing, when Axel’s head had first made an appearance, he could see that he was “on a leash” as he described it during the delivery. Although we contemplated going home after just one night, I’m really glad that we took our time and stayed for two. I am looking forward to sharing Axel’s birth story, as it was the most intense and proudest moment of my life.

I have avoided some of the things that other people and the doctor have suggested, such as taking Unisom as a sleep aid or sleeping in a comfy recliner, and I even contemplated just staying awake until the baby gets here, but I don’t think that would go over well. I know it sounds silly, but I REALLY want my doctor to be there for the birth of our little boy. My lungs are already working hard, so I have been trying to avoid exposing them too much to the smoky air. There is some comfort in knowing that things are beginning to change and a light DOES exist at the end of the tunnel. My friend posted this on Facebook the other day, which pretty much sums up the way I have been feeling. I am not taking any time off work and will start teaching fall classes toward the end of September. Maybe the concept of pregnancy, and the fun stuff like baby showers, nursery decorating, shopping for baby clothes, nesting, etc., but physically it is a nightmare. She gets to spend her days talking to him and feeling him move around inside her, and is solely responsible for his growth and development. That pregnancy and childbirth are probably the hardest things that human’s willingly choose to endure.
Plus, our son will likely know these areas well as he grows up with these mountains at his back door.
After receiving the photos (all 300 of them!) from her last week and going through them one by one, I couldn’t be happier with our decision to work with Elena. I get up a few times during the night to pee and walk around the house, wishing for the pain and discomfort to go away.
I even met with a counselor early on in my pregnancy to help me transition into this new role and body, and discuss my fears of becoming a new mom. While I could still “semi-fit” into my clothing, everything was tight and I felt like my mid-region and limbs were suffocating within seconds.
I’ve been living in three or four outfits (primarily maxi-skirts) that make me feel semi-comfortable going out in public.
Breastfeeding and maintaining a healthy diet are obviously working some kind of wonders, and now I just need the green light from my doctor to resume my exercise and training regimen.
I have read that it can take months for elasticity to kick in and for the linea nigra to disappear. It has taken me a while to find the right words to describe what was one of the most incredible moments of my life, and the culmination of a 38+ week journey that had its fair share of ups and downs.
We would find out later that four other women had their water break around the same time that night, due to a sudden shift in the weather and barometric pressure from a storm that was coming into the region.
I spent my time talking with Justin, my mom and Billy, going on the occasional walk, and preparing myself for the excitement ahead. It was a relief to see him and we shared a few laughs as I told him everything was timed perfectly. At one point I felt a deep regret for not getting the epidural, as I did not know how much longer I could withstand the torture taking over my body.
Once this next contraction starts, I need you to push with everything you have.” I trusted in what he was saying, but at the time did not know what was going on or that something may be wrong. The umbilical cord had become wrapped around Axel’s neck, and his heart rate apparently started to drop and was getting dangerously low.
Typically I use the time between terms to prepare for my classes, but since we are expecting the baby during that time, I am doing everything I can well in advance to have my classes prepped and ready to go.
But there is not a word in the English language or any other language for that matter to describe the strength, patience, perseverance, and fortitude of a pregnant woman. But that doesn’t make it any easier, it doesn’t help Kristen sleep at night, and it doesn’t take away her aches, pains, and discomfort. Communicating these worries, with the support and presence of my husband, really helped me gain a new perspective and develop a new mindset about pregnancy. My first reaction was to become discouraged as I looked at my closet filled with clothes I could not longer wear, but then I took a step back, dried my eyes, and reminded myself that 9-months of change does not bounce back overnight. Obviously with colder weather on the way, I am going to need some transition clothing to get me through this awkward phase.
Yes, part of me really wants to quickly bounce back and be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, but that just is not a reality right now. All of a sudden I didn’t want to be up and walking around anymore, and took to my hospital bed where I would spend the next few hours attached to the handles. All of the sudden the next contraction started and I took my mind and body to a place it had never been before, pushing as though my life and Axel’s life depended on it.
I couldn’t believe what Justin and I had just done – creating and bringing into the world a little miracle.
And a little bit of spotting here and there, which is hopefully a good sign that the wheels are turning down there. With all of this downtime that I have, I am highly motivated and working like a madman to get things done. I imagine that once you’ve given birth, the suffering of an IM pales in comparison (says the guy who will never do either in his lifetime).
With a little acceptance and self-compassion, I decided to embrace the changes that would take place over the 9 months of pregnancy. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and online shopping, as trying to go to the mall or shop around town is nearly impossible right now with a newborn. Justin and I each took a quick shower, grabbed the hospital bag and other necessities, and off we went at 2:30am to meet our baby boy! We watched the contractions come and go on the monitor, and Justin decided it would be “fun” to start naming them. He told me that I would be pushing soon and assured me he would be there to see everything through.
Everyone kept reminding me that I was a strong woman and that I had the power and heart to get through it. After three huge pushes he was still not “out”, so I continued, even after the contraction had stopped, and gave it one last mega-push. Murphy had to do an episiotomy as I was pushing, so that he could access the cord and unravel it from Axel’s neck, which he did successfully.
It wasn’t always easy, and I surely had my moments of weakness breaking down when something would no longer fit or watching my weight surpass the “recommended” numbers, but I always reminded myself of the importance of the life inside of me.
At 3:43pm, after roughly 13 minutes of pushing, everyone around me lit up with joy and I heard the little noises and cries from my baby boy.
Now that I am feeling good, I try to take Axel out in the jogger and walk a few miles a day. At some point I am going to have to figure out the balance between maintaining a healthy milk supply and getting rid of the excess pounds… but that won’t be until I start getting back into a regular exercise routine.
Murphy’s ability to stay calm and to keep everyone else (including me) calm as all of this was going on, and thankful for his ability to handle everything the right way.
Psychologically there is something to be said for fresh air and a little rush of endorphins. Plus, Axel loves the jogger and I’m convinced he sleeps better at night when we take him for long walks during the day.

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