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Hopefully by this point in your pregnancy you can honestly say that you’re lookin’ good and feelin’ better.
If you will having an ultrasound soon, there’s a chance your tiny resident may let you know if you should be buying the pink jammies or the blue ones. There are innumerable transformations in the body of a woman that can bring her in par with emotions of fear. 15th week of pregnancy falls into the 5th month of pregnancy and is a part of the second trimester. Researches have defines standards for the length and the weight of the baby for every week of pregnancy. The baby is almost like the size of an orange right now and the ears and eyes are slowly taking their final positions. A little movement of the baby can be feft just in case you are not overweight. Some muscle movements can take place and there is a growth of eyebrows during the 15th week. There is an increase in the body weight and during this time you can start feeling it completely. Some other signs that your body will show includes abdominal pain, leakage of liquid from breasts and even changes in the skin. You have now reached the 17th week of your pregnancy, and your little bundle of joy is growing steadily inside you.
The brain has started to regulate the fetal heartbeat while your baby continues to practice breathing movements by pushing amniotic fluid through his tiny lungs.
With the head coming in proportion with the rest of the body, the legs are now the disproportionate part of the fetus. The ossification process continues from the last week as the spinal cord starts to grow a protective layer called myelin [7]. The deciduous or primary teeth have already formed in the gums and are set to grow out and play their part in the oral development [5]. This is the week when those tiny eyes reach and settle in their final position in front of your baby’s head [4] while the ears are almost in place. Your baby is almost as big as an onion [2] this week, weighing around 5 ounces (140 gm) with a height of 5.1 inches (13 cm) [8]. Your belly is growing gradually but steadily, finally giving you the baby bump you have been waiting for since the day you found out you were having a baby [9].
You are probably gaining more weight at this stage (5-10 pounds being the average weight gain at this stage) [11] as the food aversions are easing a bit; so make sure to make healthy food choices to avoid unwanted weight gain [4]. An ultrasound scan can allow you to find out the gender of your baby, depending on how your baby is positioned within the womb [12].
Amniocentesis [14], along with various blood and urine tests, are performed for screening neural tube defects and conditions like Down’s syndrome in high risk cases, such as the mother being over 35 years of age [15] or having a family history of the disorders.
Following a diet containing fruits, vegetables and proteins rich in folic acid, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and iodine (e.g. Avoiding sudden movements like getting up too quickly from a sitting or lying position as such movements lead to a rapid drop in your blood pressure, increasing the risk of fainting.
Avoiding wearing high heels as the growing uterus is changing the center of gravity of your body and low-heeled or flat shoes can provide better support [7].

Nail paints do not cause any harm to you or your baby as long as you use it in a properly ventilated place, so you do not breathe in the fumes. Breaking up your daily meals into five or six small ones as having three large meals increases the chances of indigestion and heartburn [30]. Your pregnancy may already have proven itself to be full of things you didn’t expect and adaptations you needed to make.
Don’t be disappointed if the image on the screen isn’t clear enough at 15 weeks, or if your baby is being modest. What your eating and what your not eating is just as important now, as it was when you first found out.
Pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester are different from the pregnancy symptoms in the early part of your pregnancy in that they are more easily explained. To make sure that you go through a smooth and happy ride these 9 months of pregnancy, you need to deepen your knowledge about all that you might have to go through. Though it is known that the second trimester is the smoothest experience out of the three trimesters of being pregnant it still calls for a lot of alterations not only in the baby but also in the mother to be. However, it might deviate a little depending upon the health condition and diet of the mother.
Constipation is another problem that you might go through because of the increasing uterus.
It filters carbon dioxide and removes all wastes from your baby’s body while providing him oxygen and all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins. They seem longer and somewhat thinner than the arms, but will soon grow to suit the rest of the body [5]. However, most first time mothers mistake these movements (quickening) for gas or stomach rumblings [3]. Your nails are also likely to grow much faster, but are likely to become brittle and flaky [5]. You can still see the developing blood vessels through his transparent skin as the fat layer is still too thin.
Routine procedures include assessing the external appearance of the fetus with a regular or level one ultrasound to check for any congenital defects.
Being 15 weeks pregnant may not be without its challenges, but you’ve got several weeks under your belt (remember belts?) and by now you feel more prepared to take things as they come. Even though being a go-with-the-flow type, isn’t really your style, practicing flexibility during pregnancy could make things a lot easier on you later. Eating a balanced diet, never skipping meals, and choosing healthy snacks are key to feeling good throughout your pregnancy. Pretty soon, you (hopefully) will be throwing around either girl names or boy name and picking out nursery themes.
Here in this pregnancy guide we have all that you need to know about the 15th week of pregnancy. The length of the baby in the 15th week is expected to be around 4 inches whereas the weight should be around 70 grams which comes up to 2 and half ounces.
Lanugo, which can simply be defined as fine hair on the body can be seen on the baby’s skin now.

There might be nasal congestion as one of the symptoms during this phase. Nose bleeding can also be seen in a lot of cases due to increased level of blood circulation. Do not worry much if you have not as the wait is almost over and you will be feeling those flutters any day now. Fats are forming just below the skin layer and will soon start accumulating in your baby’s body, constituting around two-thirds of his weight at birth [4]. You are more likely to recognize these early movements if it is your second or a subsequent pregnancy. A fetal Doppler can help you hear your baby’s heart beat, which is twice that of yours at 140-150 beats per minute [4]. The truth is, once you get closer to your due date, a variety of factors may show up that will be out of your control. But, be forewarned, it is not uncommon for babies to maintain an air of mystery about themselves throughout the entire pregnancy. Most hospitals offer birthing classes for moms and dads, as well as newborn care classes, and breastfeeding classes. Hit the grocery store and replenish your cupboards and fridge with fresh fruits,nuts, and yogurt. This allows you to feel the top of the uterus (which appears more round at week 17) easily while standing up [10]. A level two ultrasound is performed in cases with abnormal level one report or negative screening results [13]. Your baby could be a breach, and a cesarean section may be necessary, you may be ordered bed rest for several weeks, or you may go well past your due date – which could be maybe the most irritating of all to someone who feels most comfortable when they are in control. There are even classes for siblings – teaching them how to help care and to be prepared for a new baby in the home. Most classes may be a hour long once a week for several weeks, as well as classes that can be completed in one long session. Preparing meals with your partner is a fun way to reconnect and catch up on the week’s goings on. Pregnancy hormones can weaken the part of the esophagus that keep acid from coming back up, and that can lead to some major discomfort.
Figure out what in your pregnancy you are dead set on, and try and name some others that you’re willing to give some wiggle room to. Taking childbirth classes while 15 weeks pregnant is a great way for you and your partner to feel confident and prepared for the big event. Get used to things not going according to plan – babies are notorious for not caring about their parents’ plans.
If heartburn is one of the pregnancy symptoms that’s been giving you the most trouble, try eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones. Pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn, are yet another part of pregnancy that you can file under “it comes with the territory”.

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