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Early Monday afternoon, twelve weeks and zero days, I slumped defeated at my kitchen table with my head in my hands.
I have an optimistic personality, and after I’ve taken some time to wallow, I instinctively seek out joys, goodies, and pick-me-ups that will get me out of a funk. Later on Monday I had a sore throat, which I was sure was from vomiting the previous day (And maybe exacerbated by singing and playing “My Heart Will Go On” on piano—a performance that sent Foxy hiding under the desk in the far corner of the room). Normally I try to avoid taking medication, but I’ll often make an exception and use a decongestant at night when I have a cold so I can get some healing sleep.
As soon as I knew I was sick, I reached out to friends on Facebook for natural cold remedies. Even if I didn’t spontaneously start feeling like a pregnancy goddess at week twelve, my week ended with a little bit of magic.
This entry was posted in Mindful Pregnancy and tagged defeat, eucalyptus, ginger, head-cold, honey, inspiration, lemon, natural-remedies, nausea, neti, pregnancy, rest, salt, vitamins by Barbie. But seeing the baby on the inside made me remember one thing: we have to get it out of there. My friends sister popped her first one out at the weekend, with contractions midnight – 6am, went to the hospital and found she was only 3cm dilated, walked around for 20 mins, waters broke and 3 pushes later she had a little girl! Well, I had a C section last time (E was breech), and I’m going to attempt a VBAC this time! I’m only half-trained at HB so far (have the antenatal education bit still to do when I have the chance) but if you want anyone to help with relaxation scripts I’m happy to give it a go!
Single mum, double trouble: the life and loves of a young(ish) Digital Consultant, writer and happy single mum. At last you have reached a significant stage in your pregnancy by completing the first trimester. The breasts will become tender and warm and the area around the nipples darkens preparing for lactation. It is quite common to have emotional conversations due to heightened emotions dominated by progesterone. At this stage, along with other vital organs brain continues to develop and it starts preparing nerve cells and important hormones.
If you were wondering when you will finally be showing in your pregnancy then you do not have to worry anymore. Since your baby is developed enough by the 12th week, the doctor will recommend you to go for an ultrasound scan. If you have a dating scan and get to see your baby this week, the chances are you'll be amazed. At 12 weeks, her movements are more purposeful and she can move her legs and arms individually.
Her head is still large but she manages to support it better with the neck she's growing and she is developing facial characteristics that are all her own (and her parents' of course). Her ears and eyes are moving towards where they should be - her eyes are still a bit far apart but are moving together. She has a fine layer of downy hair called lanugo, which covers most of her body and will only be shed towards the end of the pregnancy. Her bones are developing, with the middle bits of the cartilage scaffold she has been putting up now laying down calcium and becoming hard.
Her chest muscles are sufficiently strong for her to start practising breathing movements - this is a long-term limbering-up project.
The intestines that she parked in the umbilical cord for a while have returned back inside her abdominal wall, where they will remain.
Her liver and kidneys are working and she has a bladder to store the urine she's made when she starts swallowing amniotic fluid. Her heart is more fully formed and will start slowing down, maybe to 110-160 beats a minute as she gets more mature. Either an amniocentesis, in which a small needle collects and analyses a sample of amniotic fluid through your abdomen, or chorionic villus sampling (CVS), which takes some placental cells, will give you an almost 100% definitive diagnosis. Your growing uterus Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit and starting to come out of the pelvis.
Disclaimer: The information in the pregnancy calendar is for general information and is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or antenatal team. Your uterus is now protruding above the pubic bone, and through weeks 12–16 you will definitely start showing. During the twelfth week, it is important that Mom continues to take care of herself and her baby. I hope to post a picture of me in my preggo pants by the end of the day so you can celebrate the moment with me. When I used to run competitively I was motivated to persevere by inspirational songs with a harder edge like, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem or “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor.
Tuesday, the sore throat got worse, and by Wednesday I had to admit to myself that I had a cold.

I spent a couple days pretty miserable, but thanks to some friends’ helpful suggestions, I got better in record time! I bought “Mean Streak” by Sandra Brown, which was the perfect combination of suspense, engaging writing, and smut to contentedly park myself on the couch for a day or two. This also helped me with the nausea, so I drank it nonstop until my teeth began ache from the acidity. By Sunday I was feeling healthy enough to go for a walk on the beach with Richard and Foxy, and there was a whole pod of dolphins fishing and playing just off shore. Dragging because I wake up every morning feeling like I spent the night before mixing sambucca, white wine and espresso martinis and dancing til 4am, speeding because I’m still having to drag my bum out of bed to do normal person functions like parent a toddler, work and cook. You will be pleased to know that as soon as I downloaded the photos of me at 12 weeks from my camera I promptly gave myself a manicure, a fake tan, a blow dry and a talking-to. It is true that you have crossed the most critical points in the growth and development of your baby. The uterus will appear just above the pubic bone and people can distinguish and identify that you are pregnant.
Though morning sickness would have totally gone still many women will experience “fullness” and heavy feeling most of the time.
But remember that you will get rewarded for all the backache and body pain in few months from now.
By now neck is grown fully and vocal cords are appearing during the 12th week of pregnancy. For most of the women it would have disappeared and if you find it difficult you can get useful tips for managing the same. Also your uterus shifts upwards thus the frequency at which you would have to run to the bathrooms is decreased. As the symptoms of the first trimester disappear, the symptoms of the second trimester begin to show. If you are prone to can breakouts during your pregnancy then it is more likely for you to suffer from acne during pregnancy as well. You must have noticed discoloured, brownish patches or marks on the temples, foreheads, chin and cheek. Since your little angel’s mouth can open and close during gestation, you baby might be filled with yawning, sucking and swallowing amniotic fluid.
The average foetal heartbeat is double than that of an adult which is to say the heartbeat of a foetus is 167 beats per minute. During an ultrasound, your doctor will measure your baby from crown to rump and then predict a tentative date for the delivery. It will grow larger and is an amazing life support machine for your baby that provides her with food, breathes for her and gets rid of her waste.
It's called a combined test because you have a blood test that measures specific proteins in your blood and a scan to measure the amount of fluid in the back of your baby's neck. Some will immediately say "Congratulations" but you may hear "I can't see you as a mum" or "Was it planned?" and other unhelpful responses. Not all babies develop at the same time and in the same way, so this week-by-week guide may not always match your own experience.
It signifies the end of the first trimester and the end of the most critical stage of your baby’s growth and development. The vocal cords form during this twelfth week, and the nails on all 20 fingers and toes become visible.
Such irritating pregnancy symptoms as fatigue, morning sickness, and nausea will probably have gone away by now. Various smells and situations made me feel worse, but only a couple times did I think I would actually throw up. Too emotionally fragile to absorb anything that harsh, this week I reverted to the last time I was going through a highly hormonal period: teenagehood. I sniffled my way through a box of tissues, dreading every cough and sneeze for fear it would spur me to puke.
Under normal circumstances, my rule of thumb with neti is to do it like crazy the moment I feel a cold coming on—at the hint of a sore throat. My mom has sworn by the salt gargling thing for years, and although it’s one of my least favorite things to do, I do think it helps. On Pinterst, I saw a suggestion to hang eucalyptus branches in the shower to add a refreshing, relaxing scent to the steam. If you add in my inability to not fall asleep until after 1am and fondness of lying in bed all night listening to the noise of potential burglars breaking in (it’s always the boiler) then you have a barrel of laughs.
I bought myself a tube of NanoBlur (my god it’s a miracle product, I might even have to vlog about it) and finally unpacked all my clothes so I can wear something other than stretchy jeans and Breton stripes.
I’d like mine to be as natural and stress-free as possible (do you think you can drink wine when you’re in labour? This stage of pregnancy can cause brown spots or red patches on the skin more particularly on your face.

The baby will start doing small movements like bending of arms and opening and closing his fists etc. Although you may not have a prominent bump, you should be able to notice a change in your abdomen.
Most of the women have these bumps during pregnancy and is caused due to the changes in pregnancy hormones. The test is not perfect - it is a screening test not a diagnostic test - so will miss some babies with Down's syndrome. It also means you'll get twinges of discomfort as it strains for freedom from the ligaments that are holding it to your abdominal wall. After three months pregnant, many women feel more secure in spreading the good news of the pregnancy, and the chances of miscarriage decrease at this point, as long as Mom continues to stay healthy, eat right, and exercise accordingly.
The areolae (the skin around the nipples) darkens, and freckles and spots begin to appear around the body.
More recently, the constant queasiness is less poignant, but if I encounter an offensive smell, it triggers me to retch.
In my experience, if I wait until my nose is stuffy, the neti can actually make things worse because the water gets trapped up in the sinuses. You can feel heartburn due to acidic reflux on your throat, chest and upper abdominal cavity. It can be due to molar pregnancy in which there can be water filled ovarian cysts which can likely cause miscarriage. But not all the movements are possible for the baby since his brain is not yet fully developed.
But then if you are pregnant with twins or multiples then you are probably showing a nice sized bump by now.
And this may be the perfect time for you to share the good news with your family and friends if you have not told them already!
If you've already had a baby your abdomen will go "I've done this before" and spring out like an inflated balloon.
Unfortunately, some women begin to get dark brown patches of skin on their faces during this week. If these symptoms do not go away or at least subside, you should let your healthcare provider know, as this could be a sign of a molar pregnancy, especially if bleeding or spotting is detected.
And by offensive I mean, the smell of our new mattress, or the kitchenware aisle in the grocery store (or any aisle in a drug store—gag), or Foxy’s dog treats.
Thank goodness my husband is a saint and is happy to get up every morning with Elfie as we try and sleep train the hell out of her 5am wakeups. I can go 12 hours without a nap, for one, and I’ve been cooking and eating actual food (not just baked beans). All you need to do from now on is to eat healthy foods and practice exercises as instructed by your doctor. You need not take any special medications for this effect but try to include fiber rich diet daily.
Even the eyebrows are visible and it is the umbilical cord that supplies nutrients and blood for the functions of vital organs of the baby.
Chloasma is caused due to the increased production of melanin which is a skin pigment to help one’s skin from the harmful rays of the ultraviolet light. Unless you have done serious abdominal workouts since your last pregnancy, you're doomed to look close to term by the end of 12 weeks or, at best, find you can't fit into your jeans any more.
The brain continues to develop as it makes hormones of its own, and the nerve cells multiply rapidly. Large doses of Vitamin A would normally be the cure for this, but large doses of Vitamin A should be avoided while you are pregnant, since they can damage the liver, among other things.
It can be depressing (illogically, of course) but that's the problem with pregnancy, you know you're having a baby but you still feel fat. Muscles begin responding to the brain, which wants to control everything, but cannot just yet. Heartburn is more frequent due to the increase of the same progesterone hormone that is continuously playing with your emotions. It occurs due to abnormal development of the placenta, and is a major cause for miscarriage at this stage of the pregnancy. You are three months pregnant which is clearly visible by the bulging belly and other symptoms.
As the brain and muscles develop together, natural movements such as bending of the arms, clenching and opening the fists, and twisting of the wrists and elbows become more frequent. To help reduce heartburn, you should try to eat small portions more frequently, avoid foods that commonly cause heartburn, and stick to high fiber foods.

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