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Your uterus has continued to grow, but you are probably still not showing much at this time.
This is the end of the embryonic period and the beginning of the fetal period when your baby’s organs continue to grow and mature. Your baby’s head comprises half the length of the body, and there is a bulge in the forehead allowing for brain development. Your baby is a little over 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) long, about the size of a lime, and weighs about a quarter of an ounce (7 grams). Even though you are pregnant, there are a wide variety of activities that you can participate in to stay in shape. Many healthcare providers recommend walking and swimming because they are low impact exercises that can be used throughout the entire pregnancy.

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Some women may be ready to share the news, while others may still be adjusting to the idea of being pregnant.
The majority of your baby’s vital organs (including the kidneys, liver, brain, and lungs) are functioning, but will continue to mature throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. During this visit your healthcare provider may perform an ultrasound allowing you to see your baby for the first time. Whether you were active before pregnancy or not, consult with your health care provider regarding what kinds of activities are best suited for you.

Talk with her and see if there are exercises or activities that the two of you can do together.
Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. It is important to be open about your feelings with both your partner and your health care provider.

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