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Robo Dwarf Hamsters – They have a placid temperament and rarely fight with other hamsters. Russian Dwarf Hamsters - Possibly the most active out of the four dwarf hamster types, plenty of action and activity from them. Siberian Dwarf Hamsters – Similar in nature to the Russian Dwarf Hamster, very active and curious.
This doesn’t mean you should cram them into a small cage, quite the opposite in fact, this is a good opportunity to afford dwarf hamsters more space to enjoy.
Plastic cages also make perfect homes, they are lighter than glass tanks, a little easier to clean and you can attach accessories easier. You don’t need to do much for the first two weeks, certainly do not interfere and touch the newborns. Since I have dry and damaged hair (all the coloring I do) I try to apply a hair mask at least twice a month.
Also use a heat protectant like John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray By JOHN FRIEDA, 6 Ounce if you know me you know that I love all things John Frieda. Batiste is one of my faves, but there are many choices of Dry Shampoos out there in every price point!
They are easy to look after and inexpensive, making them a popular choice within the small animal owner’s community. You will enjoy them all just as much I’m sure, but the more active types like the Russian and the Siberian can be a bit noisy for some owners at night.

They are around half the size of a regular Golden or Syrian hamster, the good point to this is that they make less mess and require less space. If there is anything you do not feel completely happy with, do not commit to adopting the hamster. Make sure you have at least an exercise wheel as dwarf hamsters require a lot of daily exercise. The good news is that it doesn’t take any real training, they will naturally dedicate a corner to use as a toilet area.
You can use treats mostly when trying to train your hamster to respond to what you are doing, or as a reward for doing something you approve of. You will need to take your hamster to the vet for a professional assessment, this condition can be fatal if left untreated. So, should you suddenly end up with some baby hamsters – you better be prepared to help care for them. I get lots of questions on how I get my hair to grow long so I figure I share my tips with all of you!
I actually wash my hair the night before I plan on blow drying and leave the mask on overnight. Not just because they offer good visibility, also because dwarf hamsters are so small they can fit through the bars of most normal hamster cages.
You can buy hamster litter boxes from pet suppliers, just simply place it in the corner that is being used as a toilet area.

If you are keeping more than one in a cage I suggest you drop by your local vet and get a professional opinion. As well as being contracted via coming in to contact with other hamsters that have the condition.
The only exception being the Robo dwarf hamster, they prefer to be left alone to make their own amusement. After two weeks you can handle the newborns and start the process of finding homes or accommodating yourself if you have the space.
It is not something that is worth leaving to chance, having a litter of baby hamsters is quite a handful. Dwarf hamsters are very active animals and will burn a lot of calories a day running on the wheel, or burrowing around their cage. I use Dominican hair productsbecause my mami always did and they work for me like they do for her!

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