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Rugged boxes made of nothing but 2x4s and plywood add up to a high-performance bench that costs peanuts to build. To support the canoe during construction, I’m building some trestle tables and torsion boxes.
When you want to adjust the mitre gauge to match this angle, simply place the jig over the saw blade, flat on the table and adjust the mitre gauge so that it aligns perfectly with the jig and the angle is set.
Marc’s video is very clearly explained as usual so if you need to build an outfeed table (or another simple workbench) I suggest you watch his video. I am doing a lot of research on torsion boxes and the qualities associated with building with them.

Upon actually trying to put together a good torsion box panel in my workshop, I found that building one of these things is going to be much more labor intensive than I had originally hoped. Another forum member, Chris Curl made a solid workbench, but recently sold it because it was not heavy enough.
Heck even Dixie cups can work as the internal matrix for a torsion box as long as they are glued in place. Place the other panel on top of the frame, align its edges with the frame and screw it down (Photo 5). At first I was a little disappointed with the plans and supporting documentation as they assume that you already have a reasonable understanding of boatbuilding terminology and techniques, which I don’t.

The floor in my workshop is not perfectly flat and level so I’ve added adjustable feet to the trestle tables so that I can get all three bench tops level and on the same plane. If all goes well, I would like to start building tables and doors using the same torsion box method. I have not dissected it though, so I don't know the interior structure of it, but I imagine they are similar to a torsion box inside.

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