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Bruno Barbon offers customers reliable and meticulous restoration work, the methodology of which varies depending on the period, type of wood or other material in which many antique pieces of furniture were created.
Should the piece of furniture be infested with woodworm, suitable anti-woodworm treatment using a liquid is performed. In many cases, there is a need to reconstruct parts of the piece of furniture because they are missing or are two badly damaged to allow ideal recovery.
This allows small surface imperfections to be corrected, such as woodworm holes, nails and small cracks.

This is the last phase in the process, which will give the piece of furniture its final appearance; it is therefore performed with the greatest care. There are various types of finishing, based on the period of the piece and the tastes of the customer: wax polishing is probably the oldest known method of finishing and bestows the piece of furniture with a semi-gloss, satin finish. Shellac filler is used in fine furniture that will be French polished: it is ideal for sealing small cracks or holes, even deep ones, as once it is dry, it becomes extremely hard and does not shrink. Gilding consists in applying fine pure gold leaf to the piece and is used principally for frames, ornamentation, statues and detailing on pieces of furniture.

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