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So far, its helped me avoid those tools that do little more than take up space in a drawer.
The key is knowing what tools you will actually use and avoiding getting sucked into useless toys. I guess I'm mostly referring to the not so regular tools like the one pictured in my first post. The last Project Showcase of the season had some very interesting projects submitted by local Tampa area woodworkers. When we started this last November, I knew that all of a sudden the season would be over and that will happen next week at the conclusion of our show in Tampa on March 20-22 at the Florida State Fair Entertainment Hall. The Woodworking Show traveled to Novi, Michigan this last weekend, February 13-15, and opened to a nice sized crowd on Friday. Each weekend during the woodworking show season plays out about the same – ┬átravel beginning on Thursday morning and a return home on Sunday evening after spending three days with our great woodworking community. Parts list in the top right advice and angstrom unit bombastic filling of tools for atomic number but.
Used much like a marking gauge, this inlay tool lets you accurately cut narrow grooves in a workpiece as well as neatly slice fine strings from a sheet of veneer. With slender handles for pencil-like control, these tools are useful for freehand inlay work and following templates.

They are also good complements to the Veritas inlay groove and slicing tool since the groove and chisel tools can be used to clean up, deepen or terminate grooves without widening them. This allows the inlay material to pass underneath the tool, and the skates to act as a depth stop for the blade. There are so many woodworking techniques and skills that go into every step, and I will share them in the next post.
Many years ago, I went to a woodworking show in Portland, OR and Bridge City had a booth there.
I have to admit, if you’re going to close a season that saw so much snow and cold and with all the flight delays and cancellations that went with it, Tampa was a great place to finish. Great, energetic crowds packed the hall each day and took full advantage of the sales in the vendor’s booths as well as filling every seat and then some in all the educational areas. If you live in or around Tampa, you’ll have this last opportunity to see us this season. A really unique chip carved chest was the first thing I took note of (sorry) and I was taken by how well it was done and how it carried the theme of music and lyrics across the front of the chest using the same chip carving techniques used on the side. Loren also took home a Bessey bag from the Chidwick School as a reward for a really stunning project. This amazing collection of miniatures took Richard the better part of 10 years to complete.

Elijah was on his way to a series of personal appearances on behalf of MOD in the Tampa and Orlando areas. Bench top and battery operated tools were also present from a number of familiar companies.
The skates are 76 mm (3 inch) apart to allow the tool to be skewed to accommodate changing grain direction and prevent chatter marks. These dates and venues should be made public on the Woodworking Show website in the relatively near future. I’m sure that the Bosch tool he selected as his prize will be well used and appreciated. From what I saw from my booth, it seemed that the attendees took full advantage of the selections and pricing.
This last weekend I made 12 of those sets (in addition to the three I normally make) for those who took me up on my offer.

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