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We started with a blank LayOut document, and we went through the process of inserting SketchUp model viewports, adding dimensions and annotations, and learning how to stay organized.
Export multiple images from SketchUp of the same perspective, but with different styles and objects shown.
Create one utility image export from SketchUp by painting the various elements in your model with bold, contrasting colors. SketchUp is a preferred tool among interior designers, and Diane did a great job of demonstrating why. Mike has proven that the key to creating documents in LayOut is staying organized in SketchUp. Nick has pioneered an entirely new way to create construction documents using SketchUp and LayOut.

Alexander Schreyer – Author of Architectural Design with SketchUp, Alex taught some classes on components, ruby programming in SketchUp, as well as plugins. Eric Schimelpfenig – Plugin author of the powerful Kitchen plugin SketchThis (Affiliate Link), Eric used his experience with dynamic components to teach a hands on class to help students leverage the power of automated dynamic components.
It is held on a bi-annual basis, and you’ll find some of the best SketchUp users in the world at the conference. Instead, focus on finding a pattern you like, then use the built in editing tools in SketchUp to adjust the hue and saturation of the material. Mike uses a special set of styles that overlay a hatch pattern onto your model in SketchUp. Tried Google sketchup, with so so results, tried Chief Architect and actually made a house plan for a distant friend, but could not get it plotted to the point of completion.

I told myself I can do this, and started collecting them and now with The New Trimble Sketchup and the new thing happening daily.
I am very amazed at how this Sketchup just blows every other Drafting or Modeling program out of site.

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