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The lightweight, disposable 3M Particulate Respirator is designed to help provide quality, reliable respiratory protection for the professional for certain non-oil based particles. For giggles anyone using a respirator should do an actual fit self test, either negative, or positive to make sure they do have a good fit. 3M uses a variety of innovative technologies and features to help you meet your respiratory protection and comfort needs.
The 3M Particulate Respirator incorporates 3M's proprietary technology with advanced electrostatic ally charged microfiber filter media, designed for ease of breathing.

So it was a good test of the Elipse P100 Respirator I recently bought from Highland Woodworking ($30 plus shipping). I will point out trying to do a positive test on a full face respirator with a re-breather cup (little mask inside of the big mask) is awful hard to do, so jump to the negative test.
The proprietary 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve reduces heat build-up inside the respirator to help keep the wearer more comfortable.
The soft inner material provides added comfort while the cup shape design makes the respirator spacious and durable.

All respirator manufacturers seem to design their masks so there is not enough of a pocket for air (oxygen) to be freely available.

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