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Plans for this graceful trestle table can be adapted to reflect the design of your choice, from Shaker to Colonial.
Don't know about publication of plans but you sure have an opportunity for one of a kind custom made tables. Eef asks some pertinent questions; and I have a few more that relate to the construction and function of the table.
That being said the 42" width is intended to accommodate a large turkey or centerpiece with side dishes while still leaving room for the plates, glasses, etc. Personally, I'm in love with the trestle table from the Autumn 2006 issue of Woodworking Magazine. Throughout the centuries, this simple design, known as a trestle table, took many ornate forms, but our version returns to basics. I did do some internet searching on the topic of trestle tables in order to get a head start on the "guiding" principles. My plans are not SketchUp, just hand drawn on the back of some sheets of freezer paper and then executed with mid-course corrections as necessary.

Durfee suggested the twin trestle design for tabletops wider than about 34-36" (see sidebar on design options) and James Dunlap incorporated an apron assembly in his design. This trestle table combines a classic design with modern details in a way that will fit into almost any home. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowBack in the Middle Ages, diners looking for a place to set out the roast boar and mead took a practical approach -- they laid a few boards across two stands, much the way we'd place plywood across sawhorses at a picnic. Another alternative is to replace the two long top aprons with one central-top and another central-bottom stretcher, making four stretchers in all and therefore very strong even without the tabletop attached. Apron to tabletop fastening is oak cabinetmaker buttons made from some leftover T&G oak flooring. Keith Starosta01-25-2009, 3:11 PMI'm having some trouble determining which way the edge grain should face for the legs on my table.
Place the mortise a distance from the tenon shoulder that's just less than the leg thickness, so the shoulder will be drawn tight to the leg when the wedge is tapped in place.
At the sides of the table the horizontal inset from the tabletop edge to the stretchers is about 14".

Illustration by Thomas KlenckTraditionally, each leg of a trestle table was mortised into the horizontal supports, but we've chosen a more up-to-date approach: plate joinery.
Keith Starosta01-25-2009, 8:08 PMI did some calculations, and it looks like I'm going to come in just under 75 board feet of lumber for this table. Its two pedestals are secured to a horizontal stretcher with stout tenons, locked in place by wedges. The apron is fastened to the table top with cabinetmaker buttons (can barely see them in the pics). My project was undertaken without any plans; just my thoughts about the general dimensions and overall appearance. This means custom planing, so talk to your lumber dealer if you don't own a thickness planer.

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