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Porch swings plans glider swing plans garden swings, Woodworking plans for porch swings wood projects & woodworking project plans for building wooden porch swings and porch swing gliders.
Southern pine porch bed swing - youtube, Learn how to make a gorgeous porch bed swing made from pressure-treated southern pine.
Free Wood Bench Glider Plans Free glider swing plans woodworking plans and information, This is your woodworking search result for free glider swing plans woodworking plans and information at woodworkersworkshop®. I plan to order some metal brackets from Lowes, but don't know if I need the triangular ones or the little L-shaped ones.  Or both. And if I should use the 4X4 for the top bar, or use a couple of 2X6s on end & screwed together. Whether to make the top beam a 4x4, 4x6, or doubled (or tripled) 2x lumber depends on what forces you're expecting the swingset to withstand, how long the unsupported part of the beam, and what kind of hardware you are intending to use for hanging the swings from.

There is not very much keeping it from flexing from end to end (imagine a kid swinging *sideways* on a swing, as kids are wont to do, and the forces that exerts on the frame) - basically just one bolt in tension on each end, which is not a very strong arrangement. Position Nails Screws And Other Metal Inside out searching for a new planer, be it for my personal. Porch swing bed woodworking plans and information at, This is your woodworking search result for porch swing bed woodworking plans and information at woodworkersworkshop®. Woodworking Plans Platform Bed Free Platform beds - wood metal & upholstery platform bed models, Offering wood and metal platform beds and mattresses as well as futon mattresses. I'd love to see photos of your projects, or get links to online plans to help.  I want this to last for as long as my boys want to swing, and then be used for a chicken coop.  Thank you for your help!
I realize that does not exactly answer your original request FOR plans but it's some things to think about.

I got some as part of a precut kit (minus the big pieces of lumber) this summer for $199 canadian, but you should be able to buy the exact same kit in the states for at least fifty bucks less, and I am just SURE that there is somewhere you can order ONLY the metal brackets which would be a lot cheaper. Porch swing bed - dishfunctional designs, Dreamy porch swing bed with picket fence headboard via bedzz without legzz.
I am not sure what exactly kind of metal brackets you mean -- but you would need ones *expressly designed* for constructing an A-frame swingset. The thing is, in order to make a strong stable swingset you need some rather exact and complex multiple angles where the legs meet each other and the top beam.

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