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The wood working machines and systems for the wood processing that we propose can be both new and used, but all completely overhauled and technologically advanced to ensure a high quality product manufacturing. With the decision to purchase a T75 PreX, you are deciding on a reliable, premium class machine that ideally fits the versatile requirements of your daily work. Sourcing information from the biggest names in the industry, including VDMA, Homag, Holz-Her, Weinig, Dieffenbacher, Siempelkamp, Buerkle, and the woodworking fairs like LIGNA, interzum, imm, Holz-Handwerk, Domotex, the magazine features the latest from the sector. The experience gained in the course of thirty years of activity, in a geographical area which is the hub of the Italian textile and interior design, allows us to create cutting-edge machinery that work the wood with a precision that would make products highly finished.

We also develop high performance wood working machines and plants, thanks to continuous research and updating on the latest technologies in woodworking machinery and design needs of the market. Our machines are strictly made in Italy, which is synonymous of quality, specialization, high control of production processes and the use of components and raw materials of the best suppliers in the industry. We propose equipment for traditional and special woodworking processes, reliable, durable and safe machines, which are suitable for the manufacturing of  furniture items and beyond.
We propose woodworking machinery and systems for the wood processing with high-performance, precision and versatility of use at competitive prices.

We listen to our customers and their feedback to try to improve more and more the quality and operation of our machines and our integrated systems. Across the globe German engineering is highly appreciated for its quality production and state-of-the-art technology.

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