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Not only was this my first time taking an online class, it was my first time taking any woodworking class. For now, though, what I am most looking forward to is seeing the wonderful furniture my father is sure to make as a result of what he learns in Hand-Cut Dovetails. If you’re looking for a woodworking gift idea for the aspiring crafter in your life, be sure to check out this class! I think it’s great that Craftsy is offering Woodworking Classes, as like Home Economics, has disappeared from so many middle and high schools over the last decade.
Listen as Scott informs us of all the great gift ideas, how they work, perhaps even a few tips, and why they all belong in your Dad’s shop this Father’s Day! Check out the Father’s Day gift list from The American Woodshop hosted by Scott Phillips to find tools, and accessories that will make Dad’s chores easier, whether he’s a DIY’er, a woodworker, or both. General Extendable Roller Stand: Give Dad more work space with this adjustable height stand that serves as an infeed or outfeed table for most machines. 4-IN-1 Multi Function Detector: Measure moisture in wood, check behind walls for studs, beams, joists, metal and live AC wires, and check receptacles and switches—all with this one tool. Woodcraft Magazine Subscription Deal: This year-round gift delivers top quality project, technique and tool features, along with shop tips, wood facts and more.
We polled a select groups of Fine Woodworking dads, in search of their best Father's Day gift picks. June 17th is less than two weeks away, and if you're a mother, wife, or child still in need of a Father's Day gift for a woodworking dad, Fine Woodworking has got you covered. Between now and Tuesday, June 12, 2012 (3pm EST), submit your own suggestions for Father's Day gifts under fifty bucks for a chance to bring home one of three free books.

In woodworking, you can never have enough clamps and here's a pair that will help fill out anyone's collection. Although I can easily lose track of time when I'm woodworking, I don't need a clock in the shop. JIS2 writes: Being fairly new to woodworking, I have been slowly accumulating my hand tools.
This entry was posted in Do it yourself (DIY), Father Of The Bride, Groom, Grooms gifts, Wedding Favors & Gifts and tagged DIY For Dad, father of the bride, Father's Day Gifts. But after he walked in one day with his own homemade desk and explained what he wanted to get his dad for Christmas this year, we insisted he take some time out of his day directing and analyzing eCommerce, and write a guest blog post to tell his thoughts on his desk, his dad, and dovetail joints. So have to watch my bank account, I love woodworking, if the classes for it are half as wonderful as the knitting classes I’ll be turning out wood projects as well as the knitted ones. Whether you are making something in the shop for him, or giving Dad that long awaited gift that he’s had his heart set on, Woodcraft is the place to get it. It's great for setting up machinery, like setting the distance between a router bit and the fence on your router table, and setting the bit's cutting height.
After an hour or so of standing at the bench, my hips and knees let me know it's time for a break. So, I admit that I probably should have started with pieces of scrap wood to practice, but I went straight for a full-scale desk for the office.
But they won't fit in your apron pocket, and they can be a little unwieldy to use for precise layout jobs, especially when marking joinery.
He is still alive, at 85 years old, but suffers from a disease that prevents his woodworking abilities.

The only regret is not getting a chance to teach my offsprings what I know about woodworking. And while we both love our jobs, working on computers can be a funny thing because aside from printing a document or spreadsheet, there’s rarely anything tangible to show for our efforts. I wrote a piece for Fine Woodworking about these spongy beauties a couple of years ago and, in the process, became a convert. Besides, anytime I received a tool gift from a non-user, its always been junk, unless I got what I personally specified.
Looking back, I realize I would have ruined hundreds of dollars worth of wood, and wasted weeks of my time if it weren’t for the instructor, Sam Norris, leading me through the steps and providing advice all along the way.
The deep reach jaws can put pressure exactly where you need it and the twin handles let you apply plenty of clamping force.
For example, when laying out dovetail spacing on small drawer sides, I hook the small leg on the edge of the board and the long leg across the end grain. And, anyway, I wasn’t sure I would like a standing desk and wanted to test out the height and the desk’s design before I built the desk out of a harder, more expensive (and less forgiving) wood.

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