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As more work is accomplished overseas and woodworking processes become more automated, employment for woodworkers overall will grow at a slower rate than other professions. We have helped thousands of students get college degree information and find the right school!
As with almost any career, creative workers may face challenges in their jobs that they need to overcome.
You’ll need some combination of skills, education and training, and experience to get started in a creative career. The Small Business Administration and the nonprofit SCORE offer information for small business owners through free or low-cost resources and services, including workshops, networking events, and one-on-one mentorships. But whatever path creative workers take to their career, a common bond is the need for lifelong learning.
Professional associations offer additional career information and resources, such as job boards and networking events.

For information about commercial and industrial designers, visit the Industrial Designers Society of America.
For information about fashion designers, visit the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Visit the Career Outlook archives for a list of articles about careers that use creativity.
They must learn each flower’s properties, including its season and colors, the sentiment it conveys, and how to care for it. Some write fictional stories, and others capture information or actual events, such as breaking news. Compared with workers in some other career fields, creative workers may have more flexibility in choosing tasks or setting schedules—especially if they are self-employed. For example, a craft artist who specializes in woodworking needs to be able to make bevel and groove cuts with a saw and a chisel, among other tools.

For example, some workers start out as hobbyists, then turn their passion into a career after discovering a market for their work. Each OOH profile includes information about job duties, employment, wages, job outlook, and more. The article also explains some of the rewards and challenges of creative work, describes how to get started in a creative career, and lists resources for more information. Additional coursework in math, the sciences, information technology, and other disciplines—such as psychology and sociology—may help jobseekers stand out from other candidates.

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