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It took years for woodworker David Freedman to develop and perfect the box-making techniques he shares in this book.
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In this 18-page excerpt, you'll learn how to build a lap-cornered box of quilted and spalted maple. In this free chapter download from his most recent book, Basic Box Making, Stowe shows you how to build a beautiful lap-cornered box of both quilted and spalted maple. Reys writes: For someone who are still new, making a box is such a project that you should try! DougStowe writes: I guess you can say that size really does matter and expansion and contraction are proportionately smaller concern on small boxes.

BIGBLUEFALCON writes: LIKE HIS OTHER BOOKS I HAVE READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER AND ENJOYED IT ALL. Accompanying his techniques are detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make 16 handsome boxes.
Here at the offices of Fine Woodworking, our cut-off bin is often overflowing with every manner of wood. In addition to Freedman's designs, there are also selected projects from a number of professional box makers. The great thing is that if the box were subjected to extremes resulting in a loose bottom from significant expansion and contraction it would be much easier to fix than it was to make in the first place.
I would consider this box to be at the upper limit of size in which this technique might be suitable.

And there is perhaps no FW contributing author with as wide a variety of boxes under his belt as Doug Stowe. I have other simple techniques illustrated in the book that could be used on this box if a person was particularly concerned about shrinkage and expansion. Build too tight, and you can have the wood pushing the box apart at the joints in very wet weather.

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