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Hydraulic Lift SystemsTurn your existing tables & benches into ergonomic adjustable height work surfaces. Our ergonomic workbenches are heavy duty and built to withstand the rigors of virtually any worksite.
The Jack Bench is a versatile, customizable workbench that is adjustable height, mobile, and built with ergonomics in mind.
The Jack Bench is an adjustable height workbench that utilizes an automotive scissor jack to raise and lower the height of the bench and a motorcycle jack to lift the bench up so that it can be wheeled around.
This bench was designed with all types of woodworking in mind, including carving, marquetry, veneer work, hand planing, assembly work, use as an outfeed table, etc. This workbench allows anyone to add whatever they might need to make their bench work for them.

I pride myself on offering PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE and help with any questions while building your bench. The primary reason I designed and built the first Jack Bench was so that I could have an adjustable height workbench that would be good for ergonomics. When you order plans for your own Jack Bench, they will usually ship out the same day and always in no more than two days. All of our industrial work benches, tables, and ergonomic workstations are designed to enhance working conditions and increase productivity for employees who spend most of their time working in a seated position. Call us at 1-800-969-4374 if you need any assistance in choosing the Ergonomic Industrial Workbenches that best fit you and your needs.
Not only can you find plans for the Jack Bench here, but you can also find other useful resources and information for woodworkers of all skill levels.

When I showed it at a local show, there was an overwhelming response from people about how much they liked the bench and that they wanted one for their own use.
This heavy duty ergonomic workbench has a hand crank adjustable modular frame with a 1000lb weight capacity. Designed to fit your operations, our ergonomic industrial workbenches can be custom built for any application.
Choose your ergonomic workbench from the company that specializes in Industrial Workstation products – ERGOSOURCE.

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