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Famous Hawaiian Koa Wood supplier from the Big Island uses expertise in tonewoods to create the HONU series ukulele by Big Island Ukulele Co.
About HWGThe Hawaii Wood Guild is a volunteer membership organization dedicated to increasing awareness for the art of fine woodworking and for Hawaii's forests. Frank Pullano Woodworking offers traditional and contemporary handcrafted Koa furniture and canoe paddles.
Specialty hand-made koa furniture: koa rocking chairs, koa dining tables and chairs, bar stools and end tables all hand-made right here on Hawaii island.

We realize how important our island resources are, that is why we utilize every useable inch of these valuable Hawaiian hardwoods to integrate into our interior finishes, accents, furniture and art.
Pullano Woodworking is located on the island of Kauai, considered the "Garden Isle" of the Hawaiian island chain. Builders, Inc designed and built our home in the Waiakea Heights subdivision.  We love living here and enjoy the large lanai in the back for many of our activities, often times with guests from out of the island. It is here on Kauai that Frank Pullano creates his own unique style of Koa outrigger canoe paddles and custom fine furniture featuring curly Koa wood mostly grown in the rain forests of the big island of Hawaii.

Koa trees, native to the Hawaiian Islands, can be found primarily at high altitudes on the Big Island.

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