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According to Vaastu, pooja room should be set up in the north, east or north-east corner of the house to bring health, wealth, and happiness. Flowers are offered to the deity during pooja ceremonies, you can use it to adorn the pooja room too.
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These pooja room mandir designs are made by highly skilled and experienced artisans of India. So, what are you waiting for, scroll down and take a look at these awesome pooja room mandir designs and pick one for your house. Here is a pooja mandir that you can place on the floor or hung on the wall of your pooja room. If you want something that’s totally different from the usual mandaps, in that case you need to take a glance at these clear glass pooja room mandir designs.
This pooja mandir is made up of premium quality plywood which is then covered with oxidized aluminium and copper. Not only silver or brass, but you can also have gold-plated pooja room mandap for your pooja room. This entry was posted in Pooja Room, Pooja Room Designs and tagged Brass Home Temple, Glass Pooja Mandap, Gold Coated Pooja Mandap, How to Decorate Pooja Room, Marble Pooja Mandap, Pooja Ghar, Pooja Room, Pooja Room Decoration Ideas, Pooja Room Design for Homes, Pooja Room Design for India, Pooja Room Design Ideas, Pooja Room Designs, Pooja Room Ideas, Pooja Room Interior, Pooja Room Interior Decoration, Pooja Room Interior Design, Pooja Room Mandap, Pooja Room Mandap Designs, Pooja Room Mandir, Pooja Room Mandir Designs, Pooja Room Positioning, Silver Pooja Mandir, Wooden Pooja Mandap by Homemakeover. Once you have decided on the material, the choice of designs, manufacture and decorations can be overwhelming. Instead of hanging bells in the Pooja room (Vastu recommends that you do not use them), you could instead opt for carved doors made from wood.

You can go through these shops to pick up small items both for practical use as well as decoration for the Pooja room.
Related ArticlesPooja Room VastuVastu governs positive and negative energy inside the house. Pooja room should never be located inside the bedroom, under the staircase or next to a bathroom or a kitchen, as it’s believed to bring bad luck. Foremost accessory of pooja room are incense holders, oil lamps, bells and other utensils used during prayer.
Make strings of fresh flowers and hang it on the mandap or the entrance of your pooja room. Meenakari work is done by skilled craftsmen who make intricate designs on the metal surface which is then filled in with colours. This well-designed pooja mandir is made up of Teak wood, glass and metal with gold plating on it.
You will find all sorts of sizes, shapes and carvings to suit every budget and every room size. Alternatively, chrome, silver or wood framed photographs of deities could beautifully adorn the Pooja room as well. Flea markets around festival times see a lot of Pooja items being sold at every neighborhood shop.
Choose the right kind of decoration for your own abode of Gods and do not forget to add fresh flowers each day. They can turn any ordinary space into a soothing pooja room wherein you can your spend time praying and meditating.

You could check for a Pooja mandap at a local furniture shop, visit our website or even have a carpenter craft a unique one for your Pooja room. Incense stick holders come in all sizes, shapes and materials; changing them for every festive ocassion can change the look of your Pooja room altogether.
Again, as per Vastu there should be only one idol per God in a puja room not more than that as it is said that it creates a problem of focus. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a separate pooja room, so most people make use of shelves, stand alone mandap, or a cabinet for the same. Vice-versa if you place small idols in a large pooja room, it might not look interesting enough. Traditionally, Pooja mandaps were made of wood and even today most homes prefer to have a wooden mandap in the Pooja room. However, in the lack of skilled labor in your vicinity, the former options are widely followed. If you have the skills, it could be a fun holiday activity for children to make these out of loose beads and jewels.
Go for chandeliers, wall sconces or colourful string lights to brighten up the room and its walls.

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