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Woodward, Oklahoma is located at the junctions of state highways 270 and 412, and is the county seat of Woodward County. In October 1894, East Woodward businesses followed the depot when it was moved west to be located between Fifth and Sixth Streets. Woodward’s story forever changed the night of April 9, 1947 when a tornado ripped across the city shortly after 8:30pm. In late November 1956, Woodward began a new adventure — the roller coaster ride of oil and gas production. Years later, beef cattle once again dominated the land, and re-grassing northwest Oklahoma became a new goal of the station.

Woodward was founded in April 1887 when the Southern Kansas railway (a subsidiary of the Santa Fe) built tracks to this point from Kiowa, Kansas. East Woodward (called New Denver) began near the improvements, while Woodward was built near the land office.
In keeping with the cattle-marketing tradition, on February 23, 1933 the Woodward Livestock Auction opened.
This facility would become a playground for Woodward’s trade area and home for the Elks Rodeo, which began in 1929. Richard “Uncle Dick” Woodward, buffalo-hunter, teamster, and local saddle maker is also a candidate.

Woodward continued to grow despite the tragedy, with the 1950 census showing a population of 5,915. Woodward’s population had grown from to over 2,000 people in 1907 to 2,696 in the 1920 census.
Woodward’s population continued to grow during the depression years reaching 5,406 inhabitants in 1940.

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