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Woodcraft, the Parkersburg, West Virginia company that sells woodworking tools by mail-order and through a national network of retail stores, recently introduced a new line of planes under the Wood River name. Seems a lot of Knots posters think the Wood River planes look too much like those built by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, makers of top-quality bench planes, and founded over 25 years ago in Maine by Tom Lie-Nielsen.
But, a number of other posters suggested that both Wood River and Lie-Nielsen have a common ancestor in the Bedrock planes made by Stanley from the late 1890s until the early 1940s. With the measuring tools in hand, it became obvious that Lie-Nielsen made several improvements to the old Bedrock. Also, when it comes to the frogs, the one on the Wood River is closer to the Lie-Nielsen version than to the Bedrock. I have an Ace Hardware private label Millers Falls plane from 1993 that was made with the same care for design, material and workmanship as my old 1985 Ford Mustang. As for patent protection, Thomas Lie-Nielsen has no patents on his bench planes, and if he did he would be entitled to the full coverage of protection afforded to patent holders in exchange for disclosing his innovations and putting them in the public domain at the end of the term of the patent. CTWoodWkr writes: I don't understand Lie-Nielsen's recent decision to only sell their tools directly to customers and discontinue selling through retailers such as Woodcraft. Without question I am of the opinion that at around $A50.00 plus half an afternoon's work you end up with a quality plane with character - some of my earlier restorations are type 9's and they still perform very well.
My comment is this - the old planes are great and cheap provided you are prepared to do some work.

BloomingtonMike writes: At $110, the WoodRiver No 4 is not half the price of a Lie Nielsen No 4 ($300), it is closer to one third. Lie Nielson took the Stanley planes, improved many ideas of them, and then charges us you for them. I don't buy Lie-Nielsen equipment because it won't satisfy all my needs -In my circumstances I can't balance the price against my need other need of value. I buy the best that I can afford and own Lie-Nielsen, original Stanley Bailey and Bed Rock and a few Veritas and Preston. These planes, made in China, have generated a lot of interest and debate on Knots, our online woodworking forum. On the Lie-Nielsen, the wood knob mounts to a double boss; the Bedrock has a single boss surrounded by a raised ring. However I won't buy Woodriver tools which are obvious Chinese copies of Lie-Nielsen planes. I don't have the skills to completely evaluate a plane's dimensions and correct the defects nor am I interested in developing those skills.
I take more time and use a Stanley Plane which will satisfy both my need for a good result (quality) versus my need for value. My brother in law looks at me and my prized Bed Rock planes and all of their copies with pity and sadness.

There is no doubt as to the quality of a LN plane and the company is a pleasure to deal with, but my prized planes are lovingly restored Bed Rocks.
Indeed, both makers state in their catalog that their bench plane designs are rooted in the original Bedrock. I have bought several of the Wood River planes and they seems to perform very well, I also have several old Stanley flea-market finds that I have tuned and sharpened and they do fine. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is an American company employing American craftsmen producing very high quality tools.
Although I do not own any of the Wood River planes, when I started out I probably would have purchased them if they were all that I could afford. Also, Lie-Nielsen introduced some current technology by using stress-relieved ductile-iron for the casting, with manganese-bronze as an option.
I know that I will never have any trouble re-selling my planes, and that they will last my lifetime. You can get alot more use out of the plane that you can afford but requires a thorough tune up than a picture of a plane that is pinned on your workshop wall and is being saved up for.

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