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And when I got my Kreg Jig (special thanks to one of our readers for taking her time to write The Kreg Tool Company about Knock-Off Wood), I knew that with the Kreg Jig, I could easily add the lip to the toy bin. It works with a standard clamp and you simply clamp the jig to your wood and drill a pocket hole.

Think building tabletops or just getting your boards to be a little wider, the Kreg Jig can join boards up to 1x6 widths edge to edge.  Just make sure you alternate the grain of the wood as you join your boards to keep the panel from warping to one side.
It also means you can keep your cordless drill on hand with the square tipped bit in it, which is more flexible than swapping the bits all the time.The more I use my jig the more I wish I'd spent a bit more and gone for a K4 or a K3 Master System for speed, but as my planters, bookcase and workbench prove, you can definitely use a Jr.

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