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Children are now so in sync with the complicated technology of modern times that it’s perhaps difficult to imagine any of them being impressed by retro toys.However, it appears there’s a growing trend for parents to buy children toys that they would have enjoyed back when they were young. Many of these tend to be wooden toys – such as cars, train sets, puzzles and rocking horses.Parents who are conscious about the environment are likely to be particularly impressed by wooden toys. Toy garage - steve's workshop, This toy garage was made as a present and was built to an approximate scale of 1:43, a popular scale for many brands of toy cars.

Nostalgia is an extremely powerful phenomenon, and parents concerned about their children becoming glued to a screen are likely to prefer the types of toys they would have played with as a child. Whereas many electronic toys can be difficult to recycle and therefore damaging to the environment somewhere down the line, wood can be recycled simply when finished with.
Craft toys which encourage imaginative play are also becoming more popular and are featured in the awards shortlist.Whether wooden or not, all of these toys show a tendency for parents favouring old-fashioned toys.

And as they’ve proved popular for so many generations, there’s no reason why they won’t continue to excite children in the future.Children’s imaginations are powerful things, and wooden toys can stimulate, perhaps more than electronic gadgets.

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