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We've talked at length about pot racks and using them (and other storage solutions) to organize your pots and pans. They've been the perfect solution for my pot lids; in fact, I just bought a second rack to hold a few more stray lids.
The only drawback is that the racks currently aren't listed on the IKEA website as available. White wire lid and plate holder in pot lid racks - organize-it - The plate and lid holder provides a unique way to store dinner plates, salad plates, and saucers without stacking them. This potentially cheap way to store lids just requires sturdy cabinet doors and a couple of thin towel bars.

If you have the wall space (or even space on the inside of a tall cupboard door) you can mount this and slot your pot lids in it. They slither off pots in cupboards, and get pushed into teetering piles to make way for stacks of pots and pans.
The website has been especially erratic lately, though, and I found this rack at IKEA just last weekend.
There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of cooking dinner on the stove and not being able to find the correct lid for the pots or pans you are using. They never seem to stay put, and for a long time the storage for my pot lids just drove me batty.

Then I got these incredibly inexpensive little lid racks from IKEA — they're going strong and I love them!

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