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More InfoContinuous technical innovation stands behind the production of every wooden dowel pin. More InfoWe can supply both elaborate and simple furniture components from a variety of wood species. With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence, Saunders Brothers continues to be an industry leader in manufacturing dowels, dowel pins, hardwood rollers, decorative turnings, handles, as well as a variety of in-house operations including assembly and finishing.
We operate a state of the art manufacturing plant in Locke Mills, Maine, where we manufacture many wood products in addition to dowel rods.
Most horizontal slot mortisers also have some dowel index feature for quick dowel pin location.

The doweling equivalent of your Kreg pocket hole machine would be a dedicated horizontal boring machine.
If you are talking about a full blown stationary machine, then the following reply does not apply. I have a Dowelmax, and when I was using before in hardwoods it would result in a fit that was perfect on every plane. It's not a cheap doweling jig but it is made with a CNC machine, with tolerances accurate to a thousandth.
Pretty much every manufacturer of wood working machinery has some sort of line boring machine, from single to multi head, and they are meant for doweling among other things.

After drilling many dowel pin holes with a hand drill I just look over at my pocket hole machine and wish it was that easy.

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