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Thirty years ago when I started vegetable gardening, I also decided to make a homemade compost bin, and settled on a design for a 55 gallon compost tumbler. It is by far and away the most practical, easy to build, easy to turn, easy to move, easy to work with, fastest-breakdown homemade compost bin ever. MAKING A COMPOST BIN: Construction Method Dig out the soil to make post holes, 30 cm square.
This article reviews all sorts of compost bins, from the in-at-the-top, out-at-the-bottom kind, to compost tumblers, to DIY compost bins.
You simply lift off the top tier and set it on the ground next to the bin and start forking the compost over into it.
This is the best  way to generate a lot of compost for big gardens, or if you eat a LOT of vegetables and want to compost all the scraps. As the pile gets lower in the original bin, you move over the next tier, and fork some more compost over, and then move the next tier, etc.
These types of compost bins won't make a lot of compost quickly, but on the other hand they require almost no effort! Design solutions, designer interviews, room makeovers, garden tips, video tours, sweepstakes news, and special offers. If you love to garden, nothing feeds your plants better than compost from your very own backyard, and its price (free!) is impossible to beat.

The compost hung up on the axle, the thing weighed a ton when only a quarter full, and it became one of those “it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time” projects. I love this design so much that I have built many of them in different places: for Naropa University, for a homestead in Montana, for a community garden in Boulder.
This is how to make a compost bin from three pallets that will convert kitchen scraps into rich garden humus.
Batch CompostersIn batch composting, kitchen scraps and dry leaves are added to a bin until it's full, and then nothing more is added so that it can all finish breaking down, which may take 2-3 months.
If you are going to use it to actually make compost rather than as a leaf bin, wrap the sides partially in plastic to preserve moisture and nutrients, otherwise they are too airy. They work very differently than ordinary compost bins (which get too hot for worms), and they take up very little space.
I gave it to the community garden.I tried several other homemade compost bin designs, most of them from the old 1960 edition of the Rodale Book of Composting, until I finally hit on this one. Pyramid ComposterThe sturdiest and best of the top-to-bottom  composters, with good capacity. Compost is very heavy, and the strain on the stand when these things flip is intense, almost dangerous.
The worm composting process is covered in more detail in the article on Worm Composting.

Though you can buy a compost bin made from budget-friendly plastic or even chicken wire, a wood bin, typically made of rot-resistant cedar, will conceal those yard clippings and kitchen leftovers without sticking out like a sore thumb on your landscape. In use, the brilliance of this homemade compost bin design is that it is so easy when you go to turn the compost!
The gaps between the wood slats let air circulate around the pile to keep odors at bay and ensure that wastes are breaking down; removable slats, front panels, or doors make it easy to turn the pile and remove compost when it’s ready to spread. As the pile in the original bin gets lower, you move over the next tier, and fork some more compost over, and then move the next tier, etc. Because wood bin designs vary so much, it is hard to write a review of wooden bins as a whole. With big accessible batch bins, the compost should be turned a couple of times over the course of 2-3 months, to give it air, re-mix the contents, and keep it from smelling.
Most wooden bins and compost tumblers work this way.Top-to-Bottom CompostersIn a top-to-bottom composter, kitchen scraps and yard waste are continually added to the top of the bin, and finished compost is scooped out of a little door at the bottom. It works so well because it is made of stacking tiers, which you can move over as you go to turn the compost.

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