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Large, ornate and stylish, the 21 inch "Ambassador" is a unique chess set cherished by anyone that loves chess. Special chess piece styling with opposing king and queen colors, along with unique, "western style" rope etching add an extra level of appeal to an already impressive decorative chess set your loved one will cherish.
Lloyd D - I have ordered from Chesshouse many times and the experience has always been good - that's why I continue coming back. With the tips, advice, and guidance you need to save money and find the right chess set the first time.

Detailed pieces are individually safeguarded in formed compartments inside the folding chess board, held securely shut with two brass clasps.
An etching process is used to skillfully create this eye-pleasing chessboard, with ornate edges, squares, and trim.
Complimentary set of 32 similarly styled chessmen form a well balanced, decorative, yet playable wooden chess set for the home. A-H files, and 1-8 ranking coordinates are casually part of the design, a useful bonus that's rare in most wooden chess sets.

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