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Adapting the Thien Separator Baffle to a 5-gallon bucket isn’t hard, and overall; it is going to reduce a lot of the suction clogging dust that gets to the filter of any shop vac. First you will need to obtain a 5-gallon bucket, which is available from most any hardware store, and the Woodcraft Mini Dust Collection Separator Lid.
For years, shop vacuums have been supplied with hoses and accessories that offer Limited capability when it comes to cleaning proficiency and dust collection. In the location where the handle was, there is a circular indentation in the center of the lid. Using that mill file we used to dress the MDF earlier, clean up the edges of the plastic disc you just made and set it into the top of one of the molded-in vacuum fittings on the lid. On the underside of the lid, there are two plastic runners cast into the lid, which run perpendicular to the lid as braces, and are parallel to each other on both sides of the center part where the air inlets and outlets are cast.
Half done now and continuing, the next step is to position the lid over the baffle plate so as to be in the proper rotation for the air stream and the proper offset so the baffle touches the sidewall of the bucket in the wide section.
I feel it is a worthy addition to the shop vac portion of your dust collection system, so here is what you need to know. The lid will come with open cell foam on the under side of the lid to seal the separator, and it will work to seal up the device just fine.

I concluded this by measuring the inner dimensions of the lid, the rim ledges, and the inlet pipe protrusion, left a touch of space and added the thickness of the material, which the baffle plate is made from. It now handles separation duties for us on a daily commercial woodworking shop basis and has for many years.
I have continued to pursue the improvement of dust collection and general cleaning with the Shop Vacuum.
With the protrusion into the bucket figured out, and the offsets molded into the lid itself, the length of the stand off dowels that connect the baffle plate to the cyclone lid can be found. The lid as supplied will allow the shop vac to suck most of the debris straight through the device. While positioning both the lid and the runner against the dowels, and the dowels on the baffle as best you can. You will want to carefully set them on the lid once you have the lid up on the dowels above the baffle plate. Stand it upright on the table so that the blade touches the edge of the lid in an orientation that is perpendicular to the radius of the lid and the wide 120-degree portion of the baffle plate.
Set aside the lid and allow the goop to kick, the off gassing fumes during cure are not fun to breathe.

This is because the dowels and lid will need some precision positioning and this will help stabilize things. Positioned as such, the baffle will touch the inside edge of the bucket circumference, exactly, with the lid on, and this is what you want for maximum efficiency.
Dowel number three is mounted against the back runner, and positioned so as to balance the lid. It adds value to the project too, A lid that was not worth a dime, is now worth at least two! On my baffle, I found this spot to be near the corner on the vac outlet we added to the center of the lid, and on the vac inlet elbow side. When you find what feels like a solid balance for you, and this is a little tricky, carefully reach under the lid with a sharpie marker, because it shows up well, and try to circle the locations by tracing the place where the dowels meet the lid. If you’re worried if this separator can cut it, We find that under production environment conditions, it does.

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