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Building your first wood toys from a step-by-step plan should be a safe, enjoyable and comfortable process.
A frequent mistake made by woodworking novices is attempting to build a complex toy, such as one with a number of moving parts, or a variety of materials requiring tools and skills unavailable to the beginner. Each of my Playful Plans includes a list of suggested tools which are as basic as possible for the job at hand, ideal for the novice on a limited budget and just starting out. It should challenge your abilities, even as a beginner- but always with the attainable goal of creating a fun (and functional!) toy. There's no quicker way to become discouraged, and there are many wonderful toys of a simpler type that are easily constructed by beginners.

A dozen well-chosen hand tools of good quality (and several basic handheld power tools) are what you need. The quality of your finished wood toy will be proportional to the quality of the time you spend on it.
The best woodworking plans have clear instructions, complete materials and suggested tools lists, and quality photos. Avoid woodworking plans with complicated connecting parts such as metal rods and those with more than a dozen-or-so parts. Here's a link to Make Magazine contributor Len Cullum and his excellent suggestions for choosing basic tools for the craft that will last a lifetime.

Take a few minutes as you build to relax and consider upcoming steps, to consider options for making the project more uniquely personal, and to savor the beginning, middle and end of what is an age-old and fascinating process involving head, hands and heart. If it appears complicated, keep looking for a plan that both appeals to you and is clearly designed for beginning builders, too.
You can move on to more challenging projects whenever your skills and your toolchest are ready!

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