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The pre-stain prevents blotchiness and helps prepare the wood for the best possible outcome when staining. I agree too, it covered more like paint than stain, came out way too glossy, and hid the wood grain.
I found that an based stain with a few coats of Verathane was the only way, and well worth the extra time time to do it right the first time. I’ve also learned it seals chippy items without the glued down look other top coats leave.

You can use a foam brush to apply your stain before you wipe off, but do not use a foam brush for your finishing coat! Jon really enjoyed this class and although he had been staining for quite some time he had no idea about the pre-stain wood conditioner!
Last night I applied the Polycrylic coat and it totally ruined the beautiful stain I achieved with streaks and blobs.
Use a foam brush to apply a thin coat and let it dry about 3-4 minutes before applying your stain.

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