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During the last year I reviewed new premium planes by both Wood River (Woodcraft’s line) and Stanley.
During the last month, both companies have released new or improved versions of their tools and I am in the beginning stages of testing them here for a follow-up review.
Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. The Wood River will not have any serial numbers to check, but the newer plane will be easy to distinguish.
I’m hoping Chris will include information in his review (when he posts them) that will let us know how to distinguish between the new versions of the Stanley and Wood River planes and the previously manufactured planes.
As a consumer who has been burned by purchasing enough boats full of boat anchors to sink a boat, thank you for your reviews.

But as someone who gets stoned occasionally by an angry mob, I know that a critical review can help improve the quality of my work in the future.
I think that I can say safely that there is a market for a decent hand plane at a decent price. The Wood River planes had irons that were too soft, the lateral-adjust levers were flimsy and some of the block planes had fatal bed errors. I would love to see Ron Hock make a blade for this but Some how a $60 dollar blade in a $10 dollar plane sounds ridiculous.
I think most of us “beginners on a tight budget” want to make as small expenditure as possible to have a plane to practice with and learn how to sharpen, tune and develop good planing habits with. No 5 and two block) for $ 180 and he has sent it to Czech Republic where I live with no problem and very quickly.

That is one reason I’m hoping that the soon to be released Stanley’s and Wood River planes will get a decent report card from Chris and others. I need to be taught or have a fellow woodworker share their expertise on which planes are marginal and which planes have value. Even at their prices I can’t afford to buy all the planes I want, but I can at least get started with one, and getting started is the big disconnect at this point in time.

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