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All our kids playhouse kits are made with Western Red Cedar, a wood species known to be long lasting, durable and safe! For months, I tried to draw plans for a playhouse for my grandson, Bryton, but I just couldn’t get things going. The side walls are built a little differently because they don’t extend all the way to the front of the playhouse.
Well, it’s not exactly a secret, but only my grandson can fit into the little space that is above the front porch of the playhouse. The walls keep the second storey safe and are as simple as they come, built by stacking 2x6s one on top of the other, edge to edge, giving the playhouse a log-cabin look.

To make the playhouse look better and to strengthen the walls, I added frames around many of the window openings. Instead, cut the inner trim from 2x6 lumber, then use 1"-thick x 1"-wide wood for the outer trim.
Build these in a similar fashion to the other walls of the playhouse, but with a triangular shape. If you’ll be installing a plastic slide for the playhouse, as I did, double-check that it works with the second-floor height you use. The climbing blocks are made from offcuts of wood with routered edges for hand- and footholds.

Depending on your particular playhouse design, you may want to add railings at the sides, as I did.

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