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We needed to ensure that our shelves are strong, so we needed to build a support system that we would ultimately hide beneath the plywood sheets.
I have an odd nook which I put wire shelves but am going to change that as I need something that will cover the linens in there. The shelves are amazing and I want them in my family room but I also want that paint to go with them. The level became our best friend at this point, and as is typical with inexpensive 2x4s, we did have some less than perfect twists in the wood.

We had all four sheets cut down to 17″ strips at the hardware store, which was the perfect depth to skin our ladder supports.
I only used one coat on the plywood, and I put two on the aspen planks to match as close as possible. We did choose a slightly pricier aspen plank for the front edges, but 2x4s could also do this trick. A good tug while keeping things level was necessary to get our support in place, and a right angle drill adapter was used for the studs to the left and right of the main wall; it was a tight squeeze.

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