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HomeMaine Wood Concepts is the leading USA manufacturer of sustainable custom wood turnings, Wood Tool Handles and custom molded wood parts.
Using sustainably harvested wood, we manufacture custom wood parts, custom wood dowels, wood handles, wood toy parts, wood-craft parts, wood furniture parts, Lutz File handles & Lutz file cleaners.
Wood furniture parts - Materials OfferedAt Newport Furniture Parts, our pieces stand on the quality of each component.
Glacial Wood Products creates cabinet and furniture parts to meet your specific needs, including high quality wood bun feet. When you purchase bun feet through the Glacial Wood Products store, you can choose from Cherry, Maple, Red Oak or Paint Grade stock bun feet in a variety of styles and sizes. Glacial Wood Products uses only high quality materials to make your large run or small run custom order. Download our Cabinet and Furniture Parts catalog to see the complete selection of bun feet, legs, appliques, posts and more.

Our furniture components are manufactured from the finest quality woods, including maple, red oak, cherry, pine, ash and walnut. Bun feet are a great addition to add functionality and style to your projects whether it’s a kitchen cabinet or legs for a couch or coffee table. Our CNC manufacturing center assists our experienced production team in creating precise, durable furniture and cabinet parts to meet your needs. Glacial Wood Products is proud to deliver high quality, beautiful designs to such a diverse group of customers. You can depend on us to consistently produce only the finest parts, whether the order is big or small, on press-board or cherry. We will produce results that save you time and money.Behind every component at Newport Furniture Parts is a group of dedicated people. We are your source for quality, durability and pride in craftsmanship.Furniture Wood Species According to your needs, your style and your decor, you can select the type of wood that will make every project perfect.

At Newport Furniture Parts you can chose from a variety of wood species:Hard mapleHard Maple is a favourite for floors and furniture. Newport Furniture Parts uses the North American soft maple, either red maple or silver maple.Red oakThe Red Oak is native to North America.
The wood is hard, heavy, strong and a pink to reddish-brown colour.CherryCherry trees grow predominately in eastern-central North America. Pines are among the most commercially important of tree species and are valued for their timber. Pine is widely used to manufacture furniture, window frames, panelling and floors.AshWhite, Black and Red Ash trees grow in North America.

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