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The Multi Tip Hollowing Tool (RS200KT) is our recommendation for those who wish to take their first steps in hollowing and those working on projects of 6” and under. The Sovereign Ultima Hollowing System is the latest product from the Robert Sorby factory in Sheffield.
The patent pending made in the USA Hollow Roller™ system is a captive bar tool for safely turning hollow forms and bowls.
The Hollow Roller™ Torque Arrestor tool rest (which attaches to the lathe through the user’s existing banjo), an auxiliary height adjustable tool rest, the Carter Artisan Series 175 quick lock tool handle and the unique profile Hollow Roller™ boring bar with high speed steel scraper bit. The Carter Accuright Series 175 quick lock tool handle, which comes with the system, also has the added benefit of allowing the use of other tools like gouges and scrapers. To fit the Hollow Roller on your lathe, you must purchase a Hollow Roller Mounting stud to attach the Hollow Roller to your lathe banjo.
These Patent Pending tools allow any skill level to achieve professional results for hollowing work with minimum effort and worry.
When laid on the tool rest, this gives ample support to prevent the tool being turned over by the rotation of the wood. Made from phosphor bronze, the Robert Sorby® Sovereign Ultima Cutter Sharpening Jig rotates freely within its sleeve and enales sharpening hollowing cutters with a diamond hone, bench grinder or ProEdge.

This cutter slices through the wood rather than scraping and the clever design allows the shavings to clear without clogging. The bar is completely captive, which allows the operator to focus on the work and art of the vessel being turned instead of on the complexity of the hollowing system.
The only other part needed is the Hollow Roller stud adaptor to fit your size lathe banjo and a desire to create unique artful vessels. This gives the purchaser a high quality tool handle for use outside of the Hollow Roller™ system. For deep hollowing we recommend the RS2000 System which is an adaptation of the original Stewart System. It has a cutter system that slices through the wood rather than scraping and the clever design allows the shavings to clear without clogging.
If the link is removed then the Ultima can be used as a probe for straight sided hollowing.An optional Ultima finishing head can be fitted which will allow the turner to achieve a smooth surface finish. It incorporates a fully sealed bearing lubrication free roller system that eliminates drag on the bar, thus enabling a smoother flowing motion to all tool movements. The Hollowmaster comes with a swiveling hollowing cutter and a full round scraper cutter for fine finishing.

England Robert Sorby's Excelsior tool range has been designed with the connoisseur woodturner and those who regularly turn hard woods in mind.
A plasma bonded Titanium Nitride (TiN) finish layered over traditional triple tempered High Speed Steel (HSS) provides the perfect combination for tool longevity and edge retention. In tests the TiN coating outperforms the hardest wearing steel tools and will even better tungsten carbide. Excelsior tools' cutting edge weigh in at an impressive Rockwell hardness equivalent of 80.
They will outlast standard tools by four times - more than a match for popular cryogenically treated and powdered metal turning tools.
This is particularly effective when working with extremely hard and abrasive woods or when cutting through knotted burrs.

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