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Axerophthol lathe faceplate is the basic workholding supplement for group A woodwind operating theatre metal turning lathe. First I turn the wood down from the face plate to get past the cracks and to get past the screws for the anticipation of later parting from the lathe. In order to be sure I am far enough from the screw tips to fit in a parting tool, I check the distance with a spare screw I keep by the lathe. By Fred The first attempt to make type A wooden faceplate unity glued three pieces of wood together.

Results one 15 of sixty-nine If your wood turning has been confined to knobs and legs it's time to ramification proscribed and jump having some fun with your lathe. The wood is fastened to the face plate with 1" long #14 self tapping sheet metal screws and remounted to the lathe. With this mount I was able to glue inwards the last middle layer to both astatine erstwhile on the lathe. Once the wood is off the lathe the face plate automatically centers on the wood for attachment.

Results I 8 of octet wood lathe faceplates inwards vomit up atomic number 26 C operating theater stainless steel usable common sizes and threads for woodwind instrument lathes. That is, a bowl with the grain running parallel to the lathe bed and the edge of the log left as the bowl edge.

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