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Simply bolting them to a wooden bench with a flat plate of steel under the legs will be fine so long as the table is a decent wooden bench.
Mark, based on my experience, I think you're proposed method of bolting down the lathe will work fine. The idea of the spacers was just as you said -- to have the lathe bolted directly to the steel bench frame, such that the wood top could expand and contract without affecting the alignment of the bed. Since setting up and using the lathe (without the spacers), what I am finding is that they don't seem to be as necessary as I thought.
My feeling is that you want nothing projecting beyond the front or back of the lathe itself, but a shelf beneath the top of the bench where you can lay tools and such. Also have the headstock end of the lathe bed as close to the left edge of the bench as you can get it and have it secure.
At the tailstock end, have enough empty benchtop that you can slide the tailstock off and just lay it down there. Tools currently in use should rack where you can reach them with the appropriate hand without reaching over the top of lathe or taking more than one step in any direction; the closer the better. This is all opnion, and I wish I'd paid more attention to it when I built the bench for my metal lathe.

Oh, and height is another important aspect: the centerline of the lathe spindle should be at a comfortable working height for *you*, generally the height of your hands while standing, with your upper arms at your sides and your forearms parallel to the floor. I have a midi-lathe and not much space in my basement shop so wound up building my own bench. I built my own tool holders and hung them on adjacent wall 2x4 studs using cleats next to the lathe. Post your projects & plansShare your projects and plans with others in the Start Woodworking community. Our woodworking projects take you from step one to step done leaving you happy with your finished project.
With our years of experience and passion in both woodturning and woodworking we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service and with the adage of offering great value too. Build a Tool Stand Step-by-step plans designed by the editors of Woodsmith, ShopNotes, and Workbench magazines!
The lathe is bolted thru the steel plate thru the wood and into the steel cross tubes in the framed bench.
Bolted the pads to the table then drilled through the pads and table top for the lathe mounting bolts and used shims between the lathe foot and steel pad for leveling.

The shelf should be closed at the back side and ends, and just far enough below the benchtop for you to get your hand into its furthest corners.
Wood Turning Lathes – choose the proper lathe, and tune and maintain it for the best performance. The choices today are far better, with steel and wood screws available from several continents.
The lathe had not moved one bit when I took it off 3 weeks ago, I checked it before removing it with a Starret precision level.
After leveling the bench itself, I leveled the bed by applying torque to the four mounting bolts, by degrees, until the bed indicated perfectly level, and the bolts sufficiently torqued.

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