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Czar Floors was awarded The Best Floor of The Year of 2013 in limited wood species category, our 7th award.
This parquet flooring and wood border design had to be scaled to fit the specific shape of the room and it's dimensions.
Wood Floor Medallion RZ260 used in this award winning hardwood floor became one of the most popular inlay models among other wood floor medallions. Wood Floor Medallion Magic used in the hardwood floor along with Bordeaux parquet made in European Pear wood.
Smaller hardwood medallions can be used as floor accents or floor inserts on stair landings, decorative inlay corners for wood floor borders.
Premium Metal Inlay Powders are meant to be used in conjunction with the companion DVD, Metal Inlay Techniques, and therefore do not come with written instructions. The idea here is to match the inlay to the engraving on the spine, knife face and bolsters.

This informative DVD will help you achieve successful inlays right from the start with techniques Ted has developed over the course of several years. As you chisel, you are forced to keep a smooth line while working quickly as the wood tends to close back up after a few minutes.
After scribing use Acetone (make sure to protect any finished surface or joints as acetone will damage them) to soften and gently remove the shell form the wood and to clean both shell and wood free of glue for later use.
We can supply the dining tables with wood inlay as per customer’s requirement on material, color, design, drawing and pictures.
The intricate hardwood flooring inlay was prefabricated in precisely pre-cut modules and fit on-site in perfect composition. This DVD covers all you need to know from getting started with your first inlay project to advanced carving and inlaying techniques.
The blade keeps the heat treat patina, the handle has been inlayed with silver wire and the bolsters engraved.

Now that the wood surface is clean and free of any adhesive you will see the lines scribed on the surface in which you will now be able to begin routing out a mortise(slot) in which to seat the shell. The detailed techniques, safety and troubleshooting issues I cover on the DVD will make your inlay project easy and successful. Once finished with the inlay mortise you may Epoxy the shell into the mortises area, many inlay craftsmen use epoxy mixed with the dust of the wood being inlayed to act as the adhesive and the filler in one, to match the color of the wood as closely as possible. You may have seen some Bill Moran knives with wire inlay in the handle since he has made several of them.
I will use three different sizes of sterling sliver wire on each side to give the inlay some life.

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