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The result of the wood gasification process is woodgas, which in gasification wood boilers don’t just go up and out the chimney (peculiar for standard wood boilers), but is rather emitted, superheated and mixed with air, with further resulting in complete combustion (leaves little or no ash). Nowadays, the market presents us different types of home heating systems to choose from, like: forced air heating and cooling system, radiant heating system, hydronic (hot water baseboard) system, steam radiant heating system, boilers, geothermal heating system, etc. Now, we can define a ‘wood gasification boiler’, which is a central heating device that uses limited amounts of oxygen and high temperatures in order to convert wood into thermal energy used for purposes of heating and transported in such heat transfer fluid as water or others.

It’s not only characterized with higher effectiveness, easier servicing and cleaning, higher build quality and efficiency ratings (depends on the dryness and quality of the wood you put in a boiler), but wood gasification means less ash, lower emissions and less wood required. Which one to choose is up to the customer, but, when it comes to covering a large house situated in the area with a constant access to firewood with heat, then wood gasification boiler, as one of the most upcoming and popular heating trends, will be a perfectly right choice. So, in fact, a wood boiler is a device whose purpose is to burn wood in order to produce hot water for home heating.

Sometimes, the term ‘wood boiler’ is referred to a ‘wood-fired hydronic furnace’ (a device to burn wood in order to heat air for use in forced-air heating system) or ‘wood-fired hydronic heater’ (a device to burn wood in order to heat water for use in hydronic radiant or forced-air heating systems).

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