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This wood-burning hot tub heater consists of a firebox joined to a secondary burn chamber with internal tubes to provide more hot surface area. The heater has been carefully designed to maximise the heat transfer from the heater to the water in the hot tub. The heater is bolted to the seat inside the hot tub so that the top of the firebox will be just above the level of the water in the hot tub when the tub is filled. It is actually possible to sit in the hot tub with no fence as most of the heater is at or near the water temperature.

So Allan designed a wood-burning heater, made of stainless steel that could sit inside a cedar hot tub to heat the water. The secondary burn chamber allows hot air from the firebox to come into close contact with the water in the hot tub. The water jacket around the bottom of the flue decreases heat loss and increases heat transfer from the hot air to the water. It much prefers dry wood and we also burn our ‘burnable’ rubbish which includes citrus skins.This is a brilliant way to have a cosy hot tub on a cold, dark night – using next to no electricity.

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