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Malaysia has been a favourite amongst shoppers for many years, partly due to the abundance of natural resources available in the rainforests and seas surrounding the country, but also because of low consumer taxes. One of the most popular Malaysian products on offer to tourists is the songket, a highly regarded and precious hand woven silk material that is worn by royalty and parliamentarians throughout Asia. Pewter products have been popular since the colonial years in the 19th century when Malaysia was a major source of mined tin. Silver rose bowls, jewellery boxes, snuff boxes, belts, buckles, and betelnut sets are all made from silver, and we can buy them anywhere in the world, but those available in Malaysia are special.
Forest based fibres are undoubtedly the most famous Malaysian products available on the market and have been for many years. Uncover beautifully displayed crafts in a variety of colours for home decor or as a souvenir. Gadis Manis Malaysia is a unique shop that sells locally made bags, clothes, accessories and home products that promote Malaysia's cultural diversity and heritage. Discover a wide variety of unique Malaysian handicrafts perfect for home decor or as a souvenir collection. Wood crafts such as gift boxes, photo frames, lamp stands, musical instruments, utensils, blowpipes, shields, ceremonial masks and decorative figurines reflect the fine artistry of Malaysian wood craftsmen.
It is famous for its traditional products, including batik and songket products, pewter, silver, forest fibres, ceramic, glass, and wood products. Durable tropical rainforest woods are available throughout Malaysia, thus making wooden products cheap and easy to produce by hand.
This craft handed down by generations long ago use mostly floral motifs, geometrical shapes and animal designs that capture the essence of Malaysian elements. You just have to go out with an open mind, an open wallet and an empty shopping bag and you will come home with multiple suitcases full of Malaysian goodies. The ribu-ribu plant of Sabah and the Lygodium stems are commonplace amongst woven items, and if you are visiting Sabah when in Malaysia then do not forget to buy a product woven by the ethnic Rungus people in Kudat Province, definitely a good buy, and long lasting too.
Cotton ikat is produced on wooden looms and called Pua Kumbu, and it is still woven by villagers.

In Sarawak, local craftsmen are mostly natives while in Peninsular Malaysia, the Mahmeri and Jan Hut aborigines are noted for their carvings of mythical creatures related to their folklores. Nowhere else is this possible, so what better gift to give a friend or loved one from your time in Malaysia. Today, there are many examples of these textiles in the souvenir shops in Sarawak, and the cloth makes great wall hangings, throw-overs, or even blankets.
Following the successful opening of its first store in Ampang Point last July, the second store is set to open on March 14, occupy a glorious 2000 square meters of retail space in IPC Shopping Center (refer the floor plan below). Mr, Jono Gelfand, the General Manager Marketing of Spotlight welcomes all the media friends to the event with an exciting news about their future plan in Malaysia. New patterns and tutorials are updated frequently, please follow and subscribe to get the latest addition in Craft Passion. If you would like to feature or share the creation of Craft Passion at your site, feel free to use a main photo and link back to Craft Passion for the rest of the details. The best place in Malaysia to find out about pewter is at the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre where hundreds of Pewter products are sold, such as vases, bowls, and cups.
Wooden carvings are becoming more popular with visitors to Malaysia because they are unique and a great reminder of an amazing holiday. From handmade crafts to vintage clothing and supplies, you will find an exciting variety at Karyaneka. Warisan Craft offers a great variety of handicrafts sourced from Malaysia and around the Asian region. Malaysians over the years have made this technique their own, and have made an abundance of locally produced products such as Muslim skull caps, cloaks, shirts, pants, and handkerchiefs just waiting for tourists to purchase when in the country.
As a truly Asia melting pot of cultures, Malaysian craftsmen are imbued with fascinating skills and materials to create their arts and crafts. In the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, the WARISENI woodcarving centre offers thousands of intricately carved wooden objects for sale, ranging from tiny wooden thimbles up to large wooden cabinets, go along and take your pick. Wood crafts also include shutters, friezes and panels of old Malay houses and these are sold as antique items in some stores.

You can also find wood crafts of miniature replicas of Petronas Twin Towers, traditional Malay houses and other Malaysian elements. I took an early flight down to the capitol, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday as I was invited as the Special Guest Crafter to the Spotlight IPC Store Media Preview event (IPC is Ikano Power Centre). I used to go to Spotlight Singapore to shop before Spotlight opened their first store in Malaysia at Ampang Point last July.
The store will house over 70,000 vast selections of heavenly delights in 6 categories, ranging from Home Furnishings, Bedding, Home Decor, Dress and Fashion Fabrics, right down to Craft, Hobby and Party essentials, all at attractive prices.
Malaysia has literally hundreds of unique and extra special products available for purchase, of which many are not available elsewhere in the world, so when in the country you had better take your pick of what is on offer and fill your bags, who knows what little treasure you may come across. Malaysian handicrafts are beautiful objects d’art that reflect the diverse and aesthetic values of the communities.
In East Malaysia, woven Ikat cotton cloth featuring ethnic patterns is a common sight in local markets. From the batik sarong and silverware to tribal bamboo blowpipes and gigantic kites, these arts and crafts make perfect gifts and souvenirs for all travellers and their loved ones. Lugging a big suitcase of craft materials across the border were kind of tiring but it never stops me from going back again to buy. Now everyone don’t have to searching high and low, running in and out from one store to another to shop for those 6 categories of yummy stuffs. The uniqueness about Malaysian Wau is it is quite large with some range from 2 metres by 3 metres. Now, we are lucky that Spotlight, the largest Australian Retail Chain Superstore, finally landed on Malaysia last year and set their the plan to open not only 1 store, but 6 stores altogether, including Penang and Johor….
YES, BIGGER YES for me and I am hoping they will come to Penang very soon so that I can safe up the traveling expenses and turn them into shopping fund.

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