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Ozark Walking Sticks is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you. Since both sticks were carved using the same procedures, we will show the smaller diameter stick in detail in this video. Carved Walking Sticks, Horn Walking Sticks, Wooden Walking Sticks – All made to order in the style and design of your choice. It might be worthwhile to order the Spring, 2000 issue, Issue #10, of Woodcarving Illustrated just to see the article, and all the others in that issue. Pruning shears (saws aren't good for trimming all those little branches that get caught in the underbrush while you're carrying your sticks back out of the woods or swamp. Sumac grows locally in plentiful supply but is rather weak and brittle to be a dependable stick capable of supporting substantial weight. Horn walking sticks – hand carved walking sticks made to order, using a rams horn to create the handle. Both willow stick photo sets will be posted on our Woodworking Adventures Photo Gallery, as well as our Facebook photo gallery for your reference.

All the rest are wood, made by sawing in half lengthwise, making a groove down the middle to fit the blade, and gluing back together.
I like to put a loop of orange marker tape thru it so that when I lay the saw down on the ground in the woods I can find it again. Here is the step by step photo video (photos courtesy of John McClung) with pfeil tools used in the carving process.
I split the stick and cut or carve a groove that the blade fits in, and then glue the halves together. There's a picture on the SticksParts page, and also a source for threaded joint couplings for canes.
I hadn't heard much about diamond willow until the other night while searching the net for stickmaking info. Pick up your Diamond Willow Sticks and your pfeil Swiss made carving tools at your local Woodcraft store. The blades have enough curvature and spring so that they keep themselves in the wood very firmly.

I want to put this one into a tree limb or sapling, instead of a stick made from lumber like the others are, but it's very hard to find one straight enough. To fasten these tips onto canes, you'll need to glue or epoxy them, or drill a couple of small holes in the sides and put pins or small, headless nails thru the holes and into the stick.
Carved walking staffs and canes can be custom ordered to include wood spirits, snakes Welcome to Ozark Walking Sticks, a beginner wood carving website focused on helping other beginning wood carvers to get started without having to start from scratch. I found lots of pictures, a couple of tutorials, patterns for carving canes and cane toppers, even a download video showing the making of a stick!
Walking Sticks, Hand Carved, Custom Orders Welcomed, Wood Spirits, Celtic, Southwestern, Wizards, Custom Tooled Leather, Unique Gifts, Gift Certificates Sculpted hand carved Walking Cane, four happy wood spirits sticking out of the wood, carved from Kansas Black Walnut Wood. The blades are never quite straight, so they grip the sides of their wooden scabbard quite well.

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