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View DetailsHot carving more artistic than using a router, and much less work than carving with chisels: wood burning is back.
View DetailsThis Wood Burning Pen Set is Ideal for Burning Logos, Text, or Stenciled Images Into all Kinds of Wood. It also now features a comfort grip with variable temperature control, so the user has control of the heat ouput of the tool. It’s by far the most versatile wood burning pen on the market with options and functions for all types of needs.

Comes with a handy carrying case, 11 burning tools, solder and built in temperature control.
Plus, with the The Alphabet Hot Stamp you can add brandable letters to your wood burning arsenal.
This was by far the class favorite because of the variety of tips, temperature variability and long chord.
Ideal for crafters, artisans and hobbyists, the Versa-Tool works on 15 different kinds of surfaces: wood, stained glass ,fabric, hobby models, just to name a few.

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