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Recently I came across some very fun photos that used reclaimed wood as the focal point in their home.
After he was done with the cutting, we reinforced the back with 1X2s to hold the barn wood together. There were a few broken boards that needed some TLC so we glued them down with wood glue and clamped them into place until they dried.
After removing the old layer of wood, you can polish it and varnish or paint, giving the wood the signs of times.

What I like most about using reclaimed wood in home decor is the amount of character the wood provides.
If you look closely at the room below you will see that they actually added the barn wood BEHIND the iron headboard.
My master bedroom is a light grey, and I really like the idea of painting the trim a darker shade of grey.
Apply paint symbols, signs, pictures on the surface of the wood, and after drying the paint layer coat any transparent varnish.

For decorating doors made of barn wood you can use any old metal objects found in the closet or at a flea market. Barn wood ideas open new great potential for using of your own talents and skills, which can be applied in completely fantastic projects and objects.

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