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I must have bought a bad tube because I had the hardest time getting any filler out of the tube. Tried and tried to get the wood filler to come out of the opening but the tube burst and it came out the bottom. You can completely hide holes and other damage using filling products, which is great news if a beloved piece of furniture, expensive wooden floor or exterior wood needs some TLC to bring it back to vibrant life. To fill gaps between boards – You can even fill large gaps between your floorboards and skirting boards. Fillers that look like wood – When filling wood you need to ensure that the filler is 100% dry before staining or varnishing it. Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler is a unique two part product that delivers incredibly tough, strong and durable repairs to more or less any kind of interior or exterior wood.
Unlike some it can fill holes to any depth as long as you take it easy, filling half a centimetre at a time and waiting for each layer to dry before adding the next one.
Thank you for your inquiry, this is something new to us and having spoken to our flooring expert I would anticipate that it would be okay to use a filler over the top of the areas that you have already painted.

White Oak Matte Full Trowel Wood Filler is a latex-based wood filler designed to enhance the feel and look of your hardwood floor.
Sometimes, these are available in pre-tinted colours which cannot be coloured further, other than by painting over them. Take Osmo Wood Filler, which comes in a wide variety of attractive colours designed to match woods like antique oak, beech, cherry, ebony, pine, spruce and even exotica like jatoba wood. The best product for surface repairs is a combination of thick and thin filler, with larger spots of damage needing thicker filler and smaller areas a thinner product. To mend essential load bearing elements a special wood hardener rather than an ordinary filler is probably your best option. There’s a specialist product for it called Bona Gap Master, available in a choice of popular colours including white and black as well as a load of natural-looking wood tones. Filler gels are popular as they tend to keep repairs looking more like wood rather than a piece of white or coloured plastic. Its definitely worth lightly sanding the area and then doing a test, allowing the filler to dry and then applying paint over the top, this will let you know if the filler will firstly adhere to the undercoat and then if the paint will also adhere over the top. Thin trowelable coat fills small cracks, nail holes, gouges, broken edges and opening grain of unfinished oak resulting in a furniture-like finish.

Filler gels work by mixing sanding dust, preferably from the wood being sanded and repaired, with a clear gel that binds the dust together. Smooth the top surface and once it’s dry sand it until you get an even finish, flush with the surface of the wood. This forms a wood filler, that is partially made from real wood that can be stained, varnished or oiled. And when you use it with Ronseal’s special Wet Rot Wood Hardener, you can even mend rotten wood with it. Awesome!
Two popular filler gels that receive good customer feedback are Bona Mix and Fill and Fiddes Wood Filler Gel.

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